What exactly is a scallywag.

What exactly is a scallywag.
I'll go along with that.

Thursday, 3 November 2016

New Section.

This is not the update that I promised a week or so ago. Those two stories are still going ahead but just after I posted that message, this story came to me and shouted to be written down first.

It's been harder than I thought to write Femdom porn and there are two reasons for that being so: clarity on what exactly it was that I was trying to write and finding a new style.

Seeing as these stories came about from seeing my porn-crush in a clip, at first I was trying too hard to make it into a script for one of his videos.  I soon realised that was pointless as he's never going to know anything about this and even if he did, he hadn't asked me to do a screenplay, so why was I trying?  I needed to write a story, nothing more than that, and not try to turn it into something that he may approve of.  (BTW, turns out I can blush even writing hard core porn, who knew!)

So, I started again and made it just a story, like all my others.  Too much subtlety wasn't making it hot though and the Femdom element was too weak.  I had to put hard core smut back in or it was just another romance.  

As a writer of gay spanking porn, I'm used to my stories being emotion based and even when I included smut, a lot of it was implied and very few rude words were used.  Femdom is fairly visceral and there isn't generally much need for innuendo and delicacy.  I actually went and read some Femdom stories (I'm a dedicated researcher, after all) to see what the norm was, what was habitually written - and read - and to pick up some hints on how strong it needed to be or where the line stopped.  The ones I happened to read didn't do it for me purely because there was hardly any normal emotions included. By that I mean, there was no fears, no confusion, no excitement, no passion, no glee, no fury, no enthusiasm.  No nothing except abject submission and sex.   

Now I get that Femdom is about domination but it was hard to read a story that dealt only with domination.  I missed the emotions and the dialogue between the characters.  I was thinking that it wasn't going to happen, that I couldn't write such a story.   

Then I remembered that when I first started writing gay spanking stories years ago, I didn't follow the blueprint that many stories did back then either.  I don't have characters that cry at the drop of a hat.   I don't have characters who do lines or excessive standing in a corner.  I don't have characters who are troubled youngsters who only need a firm hand.  I don't have characters who need a big strong man to supervise their medication input.  I don't have characters who don't admit that spanking can be a turn on.  And I don't have characters who are given babyish names, are told what to do 24/7 and are incapable of walking down the street by themselves without getting into trouble or an unprovoked fight.  So. . . if I could find my own way in gay spanking literature, why can't I do the same in Femdom?

I needed a mix between the two styles.  So, I've created one.  Maybe it's not original and maybe there are a whole slew of stories out there similar to mine that I haven't found yet but, in my mind, this is my invention.
Apparently, when you get a porn actor who does gay porn as well as straight porn, he's called a crossover actor.  I'm going to borrow that idea.  I'm a crossover writer.   

These new stories are going to involve visceral domination but also emotions, humour and feelings from both parties, not just fuck lust.  And if they don’t meet the standards that other people set for this sort of thing. . .  well, I don’t actually care much. 

Oh, and don’t worry, there will always be a bit of spanking in there somewhere.

Anyone interested in seeing the paragon of sex appeal that inspired these stories, he goes by the name of Lance Hart and can be found all over the Net, all you have to do is look.  Or find him on Twitter @lancehartfetish.  I’m warning you now though, he most definitely ain’t SFW.

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