What exactly is a scallywag.

What exactly is a scallywag.
I'll go along with that.


Paul brought his hand down repeatedly on the glowing skin laid across his lap in a thunderous finale to the lengthy spanking that he had administered to his lover for the last hour.  A slow build up had gradually turned the skin a deep red, nearly crimson, the colour of a blood sun. The new incessant barrage of slaps and smacks, in addition to causing Gavin to writhe and moan, brought forth an unimaginable colour, a cross between purple and mottled red that radiated a burning heat.

Gavin’s skin was flushed; a gleam of sweat covered his body as he thrilled in the mixed sensation of both passion and pain.  Delightful pain; heady pain; exquisite pain that roared in his ears and filled his mind. 

He knew that as much as his body was flushed it paled in significance compared to how his bottom would look at this very moment.  He could feel the skin stretched taut across each buttock, the sting that ebbed and flowed with each pulse of blood that ran through him, taunting him with its strength, trying to work its way from its epicentre to every corner of his body but was drawn back screaming to its starting point. 

He knew that his bottom was red, he hadn’t needed Paul to describe it to him in detail although he loved listening to the husky voice explain to him, slowly and determinedly, exactly what was going to happen and then go over every step as it came about. 

It was hard for Paul to find the appropriate words; Gavin appreciated the effort that it took to give him this extra pleasure in hearing how sexy he looked with his skin aflame, with his bottom so swollen and tender looking.  Mere words weren’t nearly descriptive enough; to be understood it had to be felt, touched, seen!  Angry red was not a befitting description – there was no anger here, only love, lust and need.  A need that both of them felt.  

Gavin arched his back as much as possible, his toes scrabbling to get a hold on the carpet so that he could push and brace himself further.  He knew that this would raise his buttocks even more than they already were and that Paul would value the exertion being made for him and would reward him.  He would understand the physical strain that Gavin made as well as the willingness to submit that he was showing. 

Gavin was aware that this position opened his cheeks further; it was his offering to Paul.  He was wordlessly acknowledging to Paul his readiness, asking him to choose the next movement, letting him decide whether to continue the spanking or let his fingers begin their slow teasing caress that, although it drove him to distraction, he craved.  He knew that it would happen but he never knew when, and the not knowing was part of the pleasure.  He was so near his climax and so sore that Paul would not spank him harshly; now would come the gentler stinging slaps that normally would not cause damage but on a backside that had been continuously spanked for the last 50 minutes could very well drive him over the edge. 

Gavin trembled with anticipation.  Would Paul place a spank across the middle of his right cheek that would smart and cause him to jerk his head back? 

Would he let his open palm wander slowly up his shaking legs, fingers spread to cover as much skin as possible, moving from side to side as though not yet decided of its destination only to veer away to one side as his fingers, so casually . . . so cruelly, brushed against his heavy balls, leaving Gavin aching for their return? 

Would he smack the underside of his bottom in an upward stroke, causing the flesh to wobble and settle of its own accord? 

Would he rasp his nails in erratic patterns across his punished bottom and thighs? 

Would he tease with random, sporadic, torturous, touches – touches that would make Gavin jerk in surprise and whimper in supplication? - a delicate stroke across the back of the knee – a pause - a gentle scratch along the crease of his left buttock – a pause - the back of a finger trailed down the inside of a thigh – a pause - a thumb gently but firmly starting at the top of his crack and moving slowly down, rubbing in hypnotic circles, collecting the glistening drops of sweat, across the top of his puckered skin, pressing, prodding, stimulating, demanding entry? 

Would he push his finger along his perineum, continuing over his tightened ball sac and along the length of his penis causing it to jump and twitch as the finger repeatedly encircled its moist head, tracing the skin and veins gently enough to take in every change in contour and texture as though committing it to memory?

Gavin wanted more, he wanted everything! 

His body was telling him to thrust, it commanded him to push himself forward so that he could grind against Paul’s hips to relieve the ache that was about to explode and at the same time he wanted to push back, to open his legs even further, to offer more of himself to his lover, to have his anus presented to Paul exclusively, completely, to allow him the fullest access possible. 

He fought with himself to do both things at once, shaking and groaning with frustration.  He was dizzy from resisting the urge to drop from Paul’s lap in order to bring his knees up, placing himself submissively at Paul’s disposal, but he did resist; it was up to Paul when the game stopped. 

Gavin was almost weeping with frustration as he lost control of his body and it moved solely in response to Paul’s actions, much the same as a puppet does.   Paul knew of his torment, he enjoyed watching Gavin shudder and fidget and alternatively clench and relax his bottom and he knew that Gavin enjoyed his enjoyment as well. 

In this they were very well suited.  Both had their desires but they were heightened by the desire of the other.  Soon Gavin would begin to beg, soft whimpers, ‘please’ . . . ‘please’ . . . ‘I need’ . . . ‘pleeeease’.

Paul’s inclination to dominate and call the shots perfectly complimented Gavin’s preference to be submissive and place his body in his lover’s hands 100% during these sessions.  Gavin thrilled at being positioned by Paul and being dealt with as his partner desired; the fact that Paul was aroused just as much gave further height to Gavin’s pleasure. 

It almost became a battle between them on the occasions that they indulged themselves, who could give more satisfaction to the other? - who could most fulfil their partners’ need?  

Paul was charged with discovering new sensations, new experiences to introduce to their play.  He charged himself with this task, not as a desire to control - as a desire to delight his lover.  Paul knew that Gavin thrived on not only the physical sensation of his spankings but also on the sexual intonation that they took on. 

Never once had Gavin come near to using his safe word during a spanking; the danger was in the grey time between spanking and lovemaking, when the spanking was still fresh and their movements took on a sensual mien. 

When Gavin’s body was screaming for release, his flesh alive with feeling, and even the most innocent touch of a finger traced across the hairs at the back of his neck could be enough to have him capitulate. 

Gavin’s self-appointed role was to submit, entirely, wholeheartedly, but not just submit, to endure, willingly.  To endure not just the spanking, but also Paul’s creative dominance, to make himself withstand all that Paul did to him, knowing that it pleased his Top.  Gavin would push himself beyond his limits in his effort to grant Paul’s need, he would put aside his own wants and endure so that Paul was fulfilled.

They had never worked it out but somehow Paul knew to within a nanosecond when Gavin could bear no more.  Perhaps it was in the infinitesimal shiver of his thighs, or in the play of movement in the muscles in his back.  Maybe there was another sign, unseen to the human eye but recognisable on some subliminal level, which signalled that the time had come to move on.

Paul leant back slightly giving one final sharp smack along with the command ‘Up!’  In a simultaneous movement Gavin bent his knees in order to gain a firmer hold on the floor before attempting to rise while Paul’s hands, now so gentle, moved to Gavin’s waist, not this time to symbolically restrain, but to support and guide and lift, pulling his lover to sit astride his lap. 

Paul’s thighs remained spread so that Gavin could settle himself between them, his weight borne by Paul’s strong muscles.  This allowed Gavin the relief of not having to place his weight on his bottom, which at this stage could not have withstood such a trial.  Gavin’s arms wound round his partner’s neck while his body was claimed with greed, fingers exploring, licking, nipping, stroking.  Paul pulled Gavin against his stomach so that their bodies were pressed together, each could feel the heartbeat beneath the chest in front of them, could feel the combined throb as they rubbed against each other, their juices mingling.  

Paul reached for the lube placed beside the armchair and generously anointed Gavin’s entrance, slipping in one finger, then two, to rotate and loosen while Gavin let his head drop back and abandoned himself to the feelings that invaded him.  At Paul’s instruction, Gavin lifted his feet to place them either side of Paul’s hips and allowed himself to be lifted, guided, slowly lowering his body inch by inch, their breathing shallow, eyes closed in inner reflection, until they were fully joined. 

Gavin rocked slowly on Paul’s lap, his hands now braced on the arm of the chair as Paul rested against the backrest and contemplated his lover’s face as Gavin accustomed himself to the length inside him, until his body adapted, as it always did, to the intrusion.  Paul loved to see the myriad of movements that adorned his lover’s face; his eyes would dance under their lids, a satisfied smile would flicker across his mouth, his eyebrows would crease and relax, his mouth would open as he took deep breaths and released them in throaty moans.

As Gavin’s gentle rocking evolved into grinds, Paul started to push against him, gradually becoming once more the active partner.

Their movements increased in tempo, the pace becoming more intense with each plunge until Paul took Gavin’s hips and lifted his body holding it there to meet Paul’s deep upward thrusts.  Gavin felt each thrust rub against him inside in a way that pushed him to the edge.  The room was filled with a combination of groans and grunts, sounds that encouraged them to hold back, each one desperate to prolong their combined pleasure until Gavin’s body reached its pinnacle and started to spasm.  His climax shook him with its intensity, his muscles contracting and squeezing around Paul who with two deep lunges joined his lover in the final physical proof of their passion. 

They were both held in mid-air, Paul’s legs shaking with the effort to maintain his position and push himself upwards as each surge left him, while his partner had already expressed his fulfilment with a spray that marked them both.  Slowly, without separating, Paul lowered himself to the chair and wrapped his arms around Gavin who leant forward to rest his head on Paul’s shoulder while he recovered and his heartbeat returned to something resembling human. 

Paul let his hands wander across the lean back; he trailed his palms down the ribs, letting the pads of his fingers move over the hips and down to the still red skin of the pert backside nestled on his groin.

A gentle pat brought forth a hiss from Gavin’s lips and a wriggle.

“What’s the matter love?” teased Paul.

“Nothing” replied Gavin as he leant down to plant a fervent kiss on his lover’s lips. “Everything’s perfect”. 

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