What exactly is a scallywag.

What exactly is a scallywag.
I'll go along with that.


“Oww!” I dropped the string and my conker bounced along the floor. Shaking my hand furiously, I glared at Cameron. “You’re meant to hit the bloody conker not my hand.” 

“I’m sorry, did I hurt you?” Cam quizzed, his face showing concern. 

I LOOKED at him, yes, that’s right, LOOKED.  You don’t have to be a Top in order to manage this you know, I’m just as good at it as he is- I’ve had lessons from the Maestro after all. And what a stupid bloody question, he’s just whacked me across the knuckles with a great big flipping conker, of course he’d hurt me. 

We’d gone for a walk earlier, across the park.  There’s a big conker tree there and of course Cameron wanted to relive his childhood. Yes Cameron, not me.  I can’t say I was ever into conkers at school, too bloody dangerous in my opinion and didn’t this just prove the point.  I will grudgingly admit that I did enjoy myself a little bit.  It’s quite satisfying to throw a stick up at the tree and score a direct hit.  It was raining conkers this afternoon I can tell you.  We collected a few of the bigger ones and brought them home.  Which leads me back to my bruised knuckles.  Cameron challenged me to a conker fight - the loser gets to clean the bathroom.  As it was my turn anyway, I could hardly refuse.  I mean, I might actually win and get out of a task altogether. 

OK, back to my damaged knuckles.  I decided that I might as well play this one for all I’m worth.  So summoning up some of my many talents, I gave him a blast of the puppy dog eyes and, with a hint of pout to my lips I held out my hand for his inspection.  No words were needed, he’d got the point, he’s quite bright when he wants to be. 

With what could be described as a wicked grin Cam took my hand between the two of his and lifted it to his lips.  Placing a very faint kiss on my knuckles, his eyes never leaving mine for a second, he said: “I’m sorry, sweetheart.  Does that feel any better?” 

Working the pout for full effect and turning my head ever so slightly to the side I replied:  “A little bit, but it’s still sore, the pain is shooting up this finger.”  I then offered him said finger for inspection. 
Cam gave a snort, his eyes confirming his amusement.  

“I think I should inspect this a bit further then, how about we go upstairs where you can lie down,” winking his right eye, he continued, “I don’t want you passing out from the pain.” 

We both made a mad rush for the stairs, giggling like a couple of schoolboys and racing each other into the bedroom.  We threw ourselves onto the bed and Cam clambered over me, coming to rest with his legs either side of my hips, looking down at me. There was a hint of amusement in his face when he rocked his hips every so slightly. His cock rubbed against mine teasingly.  He raised an eyebrow when he felt my body’s response. 
I held my finger up towards his face, “It still hurts you know.” 

Leaning forward Cam opened his mouth and tenderly encased his lips around the offered digit, his eyes gleaming wickedly. Sucking gently for a moment, he slowly pulled his head back until a quiet popping sound indicated the finger had left his mouth.  His eyes still on mine, he pursed his lips and gently blew. 
Wiggling my bottom, I raised myself ever so slightly so that he could feel my body’s response. 

“You know, that Conker may have done untold damage.  I really think I should check you out.” With this statement Cam rose from the bed pulling me with him. 

“That’s probably a really good idea,” I replied “I’m your most valuable asset after all, you really need to look after me.” 

“OK, let me see…where shall I start?”  Cam pretended to ponder on this question for a few seconds. 

“Your finger looks to be alright, but I don’t think we should take any chances.  I think we better remove this T-shirt just in case there is any further damage.” 

OK, that was a really good idea as far as I was concerned and indicated my agreement by raising both of my arms into the air.  Gripping the hem with both hands, Cam pulled the T-shirt up and over my head, dropping it on the floor by my feet. 

“Mmm… now let me see.” He stood still for a second, studying my body, drinking in all he could see: my chest covered with a few fair hairs, my nipples which now jutted out craving his touch.  He then walked slowly around me until he was back where he had started from.  He hadn’t laid a single finger on me or even spoke a word for that matter; he just let his eyes travel across my torso.  My body gave a shiver of response.  Reaching out he slowly ran his fingers down my chest, starting just below my Adam’s apple and stopping above my belly button.  His eyes stared intensely into mine, daring me to look away.  One finger nail traced its way around the edge of my belly button and then continued the journey downwards before coming to a stop at the edge of my jeans.  I moaned a little, not wanting him to stop, knowing I couldn’t say anything or the spell would be broken. 
“Well, this looks like it may need a little bit of TLC,” Cam said, his finger flicking at my left nipple which was now tingling in anticipation, “and we most certainly don’t want the other feeling left out, now do we?” 

No, we most certainly don’t. His hand encased my waist, his head lowering and his tongue tantalized the nub.  He followed this lick with a small nip and I drew a shuddering breath.  I felt his smile rather than saw it.  Turning his attention to my other nipple he sucked gently on it and then blew, the cold air reacting with the warmth from my body and the wetness from his mouth. 

My cock was now straining inside my jeans, the material from my boxers rubbing as my body swayed slightly of its own accord.  I wiggled my hips hoping that the action would get his attention and move him on to my now pressing need. 

“Oh dear, are you feeling a little bit uncomfortable elsewhere?  Do you want me to have a look?” 

Is the Pope Catholic? A moan escaped my lips and my eyes pleaded my response.  I still hadn’t spoken, there was no need.  He knew what I wanted. 

With the palm of his hand he rubbed down the front of my jeans, stopping only when he cupped my balls through the material.  God, did I ache, my whole body screaming for release, if he didn’t hurry up I would soon have to resort to begging. 

“Oh dear, there seems to be a swelling here, maybe I need to take a closer look.” 

And about bloody time too.  I pushed my body further into his hand, and wiggled my eyebrows in encouragement. Cam had a hard job not to smile, but he managed it.  He wasn’t allowed to - it wasn’t part of the game. 

Letting me go, he flicked the button of my jeans undone with his thumb and forefinger, and then slowly undid the zip.  His right hand reached inside and gently squeezed my cock. 

 “Mmmm…it is swollen isn’t it?  Do you want me to kiss it better?” His eyes challenged mine, which were now dilated with desire.  

Did I ever? I was out of my jeans and boxers and laying flat on the bed before he had chance to ask another question.  This time he couldn’t hide his reaction.  

“You are such a slut, Josh,” he said laughingly.  Yes, and didn’t he just love it. 

Climbing onto the bed he lay down beside me and I let my legs fall slightly open. He reached down and ran a finger nail teasingly down my shaft.  Cupping my balls he rolled them gently with his hand, his thumb smoothing the skin of the sac, and then squeezing just once.  He continued to do this but there was no set pattern, a stroke here followed by a gentle tug, a squeeze followed by his nails scratching the sensitive skin. 

Watching me for my reaction, he licked his tongue slowly around his lips and I let out a moan of frustration – talk about being a tease – the man just doesn’t know when to start.   

Leaning closer to me and gripping the shaft between his thumb and two fingers he lifted my cock up slightly.  The tip of his tongue gently licked up the length of the shaft.  Stopping at the top he gave it a teasing flick.  My senses went through the roof and I moaned deep in my throat.  His tongue continued to tease the head of my cock, which was now so hard it was in danger of bursting.  My balls felt so heavy and swollen, I needed release. 

Opening his mouth he took my cock into it and gently sucked.  Slowly he started to move his head up and down, his tongue acting as a lever, applying different amounts of pressure.  Just occasionally he let his teeth gently rasp against the skin.  God, I’d just died and was now in heaven, was I really supposed to feel this good?  Then he lifted up his head and stopped.  I let out a howl of frustration, I was so close to cumming, how could he be so cruel? 

“Patience, my sweet.  All good things come to those who wait.”  His finger nails scratched gently against the inside of my thighs, up and down and then in small circular motions.  I murmured my appreciation deep in my throat, missing the sensation when he stopped. 

Reaching over me he opened the drawer of the nightstand and removed the lube that we keep there. He then lifted my butt slightly with his hand and pushed a pillow under me so that my body was now set at a slightly different angle.  Squeezing a generous amount on to his finger he reached forward.  I wiggled around slightly in order to get into a better position, my legs now bent at the knees and opening further apart automatically. 
I breathed in as the cold sensation touched my puckered opening.  His finger making a small circular motion before pressure was applied and it pushed its way in.  I squeezed my muscles once in response, trapping him for a second.  Smiling at me, his head descended once again and he began to work his mouth in earnest whilst at the same time his finger was make a ‘come here’ gesture, brushing against just the right spot.  I was lost in a crescendo of feelings, all consuming, my fingers gripped the bedding and my heels digging into the mattress.  I was now at the point of no return, all of my senses heightened but I was totally unable to make coherent sound. My body bucked of its own accord and I cried out aloud as I came.  Adrenaline pumped through my veins and it felt as if my head was about to explode.  I could feel my heart beating quickly in my chest.  Slowly the feeling passed and a tiredness washed over me, my senses saturated, my cock sated. 

I was vaguely aware of Cam wiping my now flaccid cock with a warm cloth, and then covering me with a throw.  Settling back down beside me, his hand gently stroked my face. 

“Feeling a bit better now, are we?” Cam’s voice softly teased.

“Mmmm,” was my reply. “Love you.” 

“I love you too,” he chuckled.  

“You better rest for a while.  You need to get your energy back…you’ve got a bathroom to clean.”

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