What exactly is a scallywag.

What exactly is a scallywag.
I'll go along with that.


The sound of a bare bottom being repeatedly hit by the palm of a hand can be heard echoing around the room.

Ouch – look it’s really starting to hurt now, can’t we stop.”  The man’s voice sounded a little fed up. 

“No we can’t – you agreed to this, remember?  Now quit whinging, we’ve talked this though enough times.” 

 Another male voice replied in a much more confident tone than the first. 

“Yes, I know what we agreed, and I’m not against it – it just that it’s a bit, er…you know, stilled maybe, not very natural. I feel a bit of a prat to be honest.” 

“Well do you want to try another position, is it not working for you?  And you don’t look a prat; quite the opposite in fact.”  

This comment is followed by giggling, the sound of a bed creaking and two people moving around can then be heard.

“OK, how about we try bending over the bed – I think part of the problem is the technique.  The palm needs to bounce a bit more – it probably won’t hurt so much then.”

 “You think?  It’s just that I’m pretty sore already, I didn’t think it would hurt quite this much, we’re obviously not doing it right.” The man sounds a little hesitant; his next sentence is half question, half statement.  “We could stop for a while? Wait until it stops stinging so much?”  

“Don’t be such a wimp; are you a man or a mouse? It was only a few dozen swats for goodness sake.  It’s probably because it’s the first time - the skin probably won’t be so sensitive after a while.” 

The same voice continues:

“I think part of the problem is we need to move around the bottom a bit more – not concentrate on the one spot quite so much, maybe cup the hand slightly.  We need to get a bit of a pattern going too, like they explained on that website.” 

“OK, if you insist – come on then, let’s try again.”

 The sound of spanking starts again and lasts for a few minutes.

 “Look, I’m sorry but we’re going to have to stop – it’s really starting to hurt now, I don’t like it.”

A deep sigh echoes the room in response.

“Well to be honest – it’s not doing a lot for me either.  I think we overdid the talking bit, a bit more spontaneity is called for.  Is your hand alright?”

 “I think so, it bloody hurts though – it didn’t say anything about that on the website.  Maybe I could use a brush or wooden spoon next time – I’m going to feel this for days.

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