What exactly is a scallywag.

What exactly is a scallywag.
I'll go along with that.



“God, you’ve a lovely arse … I don’t know whether I want to kiss it or smack it.”

As an opening sentence it wasn’t perhaps up there in the top ten Most Romantic list, but the sudden nudge that Tony received against his crotch suggested that it certainly was an effective phrase.  Either or both of the suggestions seemed to appeal to Brian’s libido.

“Hmmm … I suppose I could always smack it and then kiss it better,” he continued to murmur in Brian’s ear as he tested the waters further and was rewarded by another, slightly more intrusive nudge and a small wiggle of what could be viewed as anticipation or invitation.  Or it could have just been Brian trying to find a comfortable position for his erection seeing as it couldn’t have been very happy trapped between their two bodies with no place to grow, or at least grow without either stabbing Tony or inciting frustration in Brian. 

This was the trouble with making out on a sofa in a mad fit of passion, things get heated and there isn’t always a lot of room for moving that includes not falling off, which is how they had come to their present position, Brian on top of Tony, half lying between his open legs trying to kiss the lips off each other while Tony’s hands wandered hither and thither wherever they liked – something that Brian liked as much as Tony’s hands did – and were currently alternatively kneading and caressing Brian’s bottom through his boxer shorts.  Boxer shorts on the whole are wonderful garments, lovely and comfy, but they aren’t a lot of help if you want to disguise the fact that you’re horny as hell and want relief and want it Now thank you very much, and if Brian’s movements were anything to go by, he wasn’t in the mood to disguise anything.

Once Brian seemed to be satisfied as to the new improved position of his accoutrement, Tony continued…

“So, let’s think then.  Oh, I know … if you resort to tickling me in an attempt to get your own way once more, you’re going to end up with a sore bottom, how about that?”

OK, that was definitively a shiver of anticipation that ran through Brian’s body, backed up by a catch in his breathing.  The game was up as far as Tony was concerned.  No matter that Brian then squirmed theatrically and protested the unfairness of such a threat, Tony was convinced that his new boyfriend quite liked the idea of having a red bottom. (Could he say boyfriend after 4 dates, 2 of them out in public and restricted to some petting and heavy kissing on the doorstep when he delivered Brian home at the end of the evening, a third, a mad frenzy of sex after a evening at the local club when alcohol was an assistant to their rampant lust but thankfully not a cause of making it all mouth and no trousers, and now this, their fourth date, a morning spent at a urban photo exhibition, a pub lunch and back to Brian’s flat for what was meant to be a relaxing afternoon watching a DVD and chilling out.  Was that too early to call someone a boyfriend? - he hoped not.)

Had Tony believed in God he would have prayed a bit, promising to be a ‘good boy’ forever if only Brian liked him as much as he liked Brian although he had to admit that he didn’t plan on being good with Brian – he wanted to be bad, very bad and he was looking forward to them both being bad all afternoon.

Tony had high hopes for this relationship; Brian was fun, intelligent, good looking and fantastic in bed.  If he were amenable to a bit of hanky-spanky as well, that would be the icing on the cake.  Not imperative but a bonus if it were on the cards; all remained now was to agree to what extent they wanted to play.  Brian’s responses showed that the idea was inviting; maybe the reality was something else although he’d be very surprised if Brian hadn’t had some sort of experience.  Hardly anyone hadn’t been on the end of some sort of spanking, whether it was just one playful slap in passing or a full OTK session.

“How is that unfair?  Unless you promise not to tickle me, I promise to warm your backside for you.  Seems more than fair to me,” growled Tony as he continued to rub circles on Brian’s bum interspersed with small pats that were much more loving than they were harsh. 

Brian’s bum seemed to want to push backwards as if seeking comfort from Tony’s hand whereas the bit round the front had a tendency to try and grind itself forward.  The bum won temporarily which was quite fortunate for the front bit as there seemed to be a lot less room between their bodies than there had been 3 minutes earlier and it was in danger of doing itself some damage if it carried on.  Not that Tony’s front bit had been sitting there quietly minding its own business; it was trying to get in on the act with a vengeance.

Whether it was the conversation or not that heightened their urges as each one thought about the possibilities that were opening up in what constituted ‘bedroom games’, ironically all thoughts of providing or receiving smacked bottoms were driven temporarily from their minds as more urgent matters took precedence.  Brian leaned his body back in against Tony’s and started to rub himself against the length of him as Tony cupped Brian’s cheeks in both hands and encouraged the movements while growling his appreciation from the back of his throat.  Their ardour progressed to a new level as Brian took Tony’s head between both hands and plastered him with deep urgent kisses, sucking hungrily on his lower lip, nipping it between his teeth, running his tongue lightly across his top lip, teasing it, until they were both breathing heavily through their noses and giving small moans and whimpers of desire and mutual want.

Tony clamped one arm securely around Brian’s back, his fingers almost bruising the flesh covering his rib cage as he tried to pull him tighter, unwilling to have even the most minimal space between their bodies.  His other hand continued to play havoc with Brian’s bottom, kneading, claiming, squeezing the buttocks, fingers sliding further down and then under to caress Brian’s balls through the material of his boxers.  Then back up to slip his hand under the elastic to do it all again, flesh on flesh, while the kissing went on and on.

Somehow they showed enough restraint to make it to the bedroom – a minor miracle that they managed it without breaking either furniture or any vital bones in their rush - to continue in a more comfortable environment, and in a bed that allowed a wider range of positions to be tried out purely by the ample space it provided.  It also provided the ideal setting for a small … siesta – so much more refined and adult than saying a nap – afterwards, and a chance to recoup their strength.

Brian turned in Tony’s arms and through half closed eyes looked at the man dozing quietly beside him. It was getting dark outside as winter steadily got nearer, the street lights had come on an hour since but neither Tony nor Brian had thought to draw the curtains in the bedroom.  The yellowy hue that filtered into the room and bathed Tony’s face should have made him look sallow but it didn’t.  Or maybe it did but Brian refused to see it.  He saw instead a comfortable face, a face that was warm and inviting and spoke to him of winter evenings snuggled up on the sofa, cosy and happy and more than capable of providing an idyll against going out into the cold night for entertainment. 

He really was quite the most handsome fella Brian had gone out with and he was quietly confident that here was someone who he could get to like big time … maybe even more than just like.  Much too soon to talk about the big ‘L’ word of course thought Brian, but so far so good, he hadn’t come across any irritating personal traits yet and considering how fussy he was about these things, that in itself was something of a record. 

Maybe it sounded odd talking about getting to like someone seeing that he was already in bed with him, the general understanding in the civilised world being that if you weren’t sure whether you liked someone, why the hell would you have sex with them?  But sexual gratification was easy to come by where Brian lived - one of the boons of big cities, plenty of fish in the ocean ... or in the inner-city insalubrious area to be more precise.  Perhaps it was because of the plethora of options that Brian was quite picky, spoilt for choice.  Plenty of opportunity for one or two night stands but the downside of that was that everybody seemed to have the same flighty mentality and something as normal as a real relationship seemed to be rejected as being ‘staid’. 

Or maybe it was the circles he’d moved in, conceded Brian, which lent themselves to mad one-off meetings and shag-sessions and then moved on to the next conquest with no hard feelings but plenty of satisfied smiles.  None of Brian’s conquests had got beyond two sessions as at first, his priority had been whether they looked like they could last the distance in bed, not what their post-coital personality was like.  Luck would have it that their post-coital personality hadn’t been up to much. 

It had been a long time since his last steady relationship and that hadn’t been that steady to begin with; a nice enough chap, witty in his own way but not much of a sex-pot, they’d slowly drifted into a relationship and then almost immediately started drifting slowly out of it without noticing.  They’d never got as far as keeping a toothbrush in each other’s flat.  Apart from that, the man couldn’t dance and Brian loved dancing: it was a sin not to dance as far as he was concerned. 

Although Brian didn’t miss him on an individual basis when they amicably called it a day, he was quite surprised that he missed the knowledge that when he was getting ready to go out, it was because someone was waiting for him.  For him, Brian.  Not for anyone who turned up and got lucky, but specifically for him.  That had anybody asked Steve (his ex) if he was on his own, he would have answered ‘I’m waiting for my boyfriend’.  Being universally loved by all in his crowd was gratifying, the conquests stroked his ego, but it wasn’t the same as being a ‘boyfriend’ and receiving that thrill of excitement when you thought about the fact that within 4 hours … 2 hours ... 30 minutes, you were going to see him again.  It wasn’t the same as being comfortable with someone and know that they felt the same way about you. 

Brian hadn’t exactly shied away from getting another boyfriend after Steve, it just hadn’t happened and he hadn’t actively gone looking for it.  Plus the cheers of ‘Weyhey, he’s back on the market again, nubile cuties beware’ from his friends had made him feel quite good in a way and he’d just got into the habit of limiting his relationships to sexual ones as opposed to emotional ones.

This was different though.  For a start Tony had eyed him up shamelessly when they were introduced to each other by friends of a mutual friend and then spent the rest of the evening calmly but meticulously courting him, until at the end of the evening, not quite sure exactly how, Brian had found himself agreeing to a date with Tony for two nights hence to go see a movie together. Normally his plans consisted of agreeing whose house to meet at and who would bring the condoms; that was about as good as it got. 

So Brian had been quite delighted at the romance involved in such a simple evening for his first date.  Not a single grope in the dark in the back row.  There had been some hand holding and much leaning together of shoulders, Tony’s fingers constantly turning over and gently exploring all the parts of his hand, his palm, his fingers, his wrist.  Extreme gentle touches that were quite erotic.  That had been the bones of the first date. 

The second consisted of a proper meal out in a restaurant, none of this ‘grab a McDonalds’ and get down the pub.  Much talking, much looking and staring into eyes, much smiling.  Both those occasions ended with much kissing on doorstep as well which in turn led to much wrist action for Brian once he was inside alone and able to do battle with his hormones in the time honoured fashion of all men without a current partner.  He assumed Tony had done the same when he got home. 

He remembered feeling slightly embarrassed at the rush of glee that he had felt after those first two dates, like an adolescent schoolboy during his first crush on someone, hoping the admiration was returned and flushing with pleasure when it seemed it was.  The glee hadn’t diminished at all when the next two dates were arranged: if anything it had increased and somewhere along the line, goosebumps and small shivers of delight had been added to the mix.

He couldn’t resist running his hand over the muscular shoulder in front of him which made Tony murmur in his sleep.  Remembering their earlier conversation, pure devilment made Brian continue with one finger to his rib cage and draw it lazily downwards.  Certainly not a tickle ... more a caress really, Brian tried to convince himself while suppressing a giggle.  Tony’s brow furrowed and he squirmed in his sleep at the sensation which made Brian stay his hand and hold his breath.  As Tony relaxed again, Brian’s finger started on another trial down towards his hips, drawing slow circles lower and lower until he heard a husky voice state quite calmly …

“Move that finger once more and I’ll spank you.”

The shock of being caught out made Brian gasp in surprise and quickly remove his hand in reflex but then, remembering the incident that unknowingly set all this off, Brian smiled to himself. 

They’d gone to a club and Tony had said that he couldn’t dance unless he was half drunk – something to do with freeing his inner Pans People when under the influence.  When he resisted all of Brian’s pleas to join in on the dance floor, saying he was quite happy to watch while waiting for the next pint to take effect, Brian had resorted to tickling him into submission until, in fond exasperation, he gave in, rightly deciding that he would be less out of breath bopping around than trying to keep away from Brian’s nimble fingers as they continued to find his most ticklish spots.  Brian hadn’t realised that any one adult could actually be that ticklish – Tony had practically squealed out loud when he caught him by surprise high on his rib cage and had almost begged him to stop.  Brian remembered thinking it was quite endearing really that a grown man could giggle so much, he hadn’t really expected it to have that much effect; he’d just been hoping to wear down his resistance a bit and after a couple of pints he’d been in a silly enough mood for the idea of tickling him to seem like a good idea.  In retrospect, it might in fact have been an excellent idea.

He calculated his chances at being able to escape from the bed before Tony could carry out his threat … and then pondered over whether escape was his ultimate goal or not.

“But if I take it away, that constitutes moving it ...” whined Brian falsely.  “You wouldn’t spank me for actually doing as I was told, would you?”

“You know full well what I mean, and you know what you’ve been promised if you tickle me again.  Up to you to run the risk of course ...”

Well, nobody ever dared Brian to do something and got away with it.

A finger rested once more on Tony’s hip and was blatantly joined by its fellow tormentors, one by one, poised in readiness as Tony’s eyebrows rose in feigned disbelief. 

It was very difficult to actually jump out of bed and continue tickling someone at the same time, but Brian managed it, just.  Tony’s hand missed him by inches as he lunged to catch him and drag him back.  The near miss made Brian squeak, jump back away from the bed and dart towards the bedroom door in tears of laughter as he saw Tony swing himself over to the other side of the bed and, equally as falsely as Brian had done earlier on, flounder and make a show of trying to catapult himself out of bed, the purpose of which was obviously to give Brian time to make a run for it.

“Right!” bellowed Tony as he thundered through the flat in pursuit of the naked man who was shrieking with a mixture of laughter and nerves instead of fright. 

In the living room Brian took refuge behind the sofa, darting from one side to the other in opposition to Tony’s lunges and his growls of intent.

“I’m going to spank you so hard that your hands will be clamped to your backside all week; that will keep your fingers where I can see them and where they can’t tickle anyone.”

“But you’re just perfect for tickling, you have such a wonderful wiggle,” teased Brian once his eyes had retreated back into their sockets after the shock and thrill of the threat issued.

“Oh yeah?  Bring your bum over here and say that!”

Brian waggled his finger at him from behind the sofa and ‘Tut-ed’ at him saying “You want it, you come and get it.”

“Oh, I want it all right,” retorted Tony with a lustful look at Brian.  “And I’m going to get it … and so are you!”

Brian taunted him with “You’ll have to catch me first.  It’s not a big flat but I know all the short cuts like the back of my hand.”

“And the front of my hand is very shortly going to cut a swathe through your impertinence by way of your bottom,” shot Tony as he lunged catching Brian off balance and, using Brian’s own momentum as he darted towards the bathroom, lifted him effortlessly.

Brian’s shriek could have been due to either shock at getting caught so quickly, adrenalin for the rush of the occasion or for finding himself inverted with nothing to hold on to for stability as Tony also happened to be naked and there wasn’t a love-handle in sight.   A strong arm hooked itself around the back of his knees and effectively pinned him, jack-knifed from the groin upwards, over Tony’s left shoulder.

“Now you just stay right there without too much wriggling and let’s see if we can get to the bottom of the matter of exactly who is in charge here,” said Tony calmly as he loosened his hold slightly on Brian’s legs, a move that was very effective in showing Brian what a good idea it was not to move too much as his own weight and gravity would plunge him towards the floor head first if Tony didn’t maintain his grip.

Brian let out a panicked ‘Eek’ and stopped wriggling although he couldn’t stop the shudder of mirth that ran through his body.

“So, we have that clear, do we?  Going to be a good lad and do as you are told from now on?”

“Doubt it,” giggled Brian.

“No, me neither,” replied Tony happily. 

“So,” he continued, casting a glance round the living room.  “Can’t see anything in here that might be useful, let’s try in here,” as he made his way through the arch-way that led to the smallish but place-for-everything-everything-in-its-place kitchen.

Brian dangled over Tony’s shoulder as he strode towards the drawer of the kitchen unit and pulled it open with an exaggerated ‘A-ha!’

“Funny thing about this spanking lark.  The things that a Spanker likes, generally a Spankee doesn’t … isn’t that weird!  Now it just so happens that I like wooden spoons so we could test the theory and see if you don’t like them, what do you reckon?  No answer?  Not like you to be so quiet … let’s see if we can get you to vocalise a bit on the subject,” said Tony as Brian struggled half-heartedly, and mainly for show, while he rummaged in the drawer.

“Oh wow, lot’s of material here to work with.”

“They’re for cooking, don’t you dare use my cooking utensils.”

“Think of it as tenderising meat, that’s culinary.  Puts a whole new light on the phrase ‘Whip up something in the kitchen’ doesn’t it?”

“OK, what about this one?”  Ow. “No, far too light, don’t like that one.”  The spoon clattered onto the worktop as it was rejected by Tony.

“This one?”  Ahh!  “Hmm … not bad …”

“And this?”  Owww!  “Yep, thought that one might be worthwhile.  We’ll put that to one side as a ‘possible’ and check out the rest, just in case.”

“This?” Eeek!  “What did you think of that one?  Did you think that it was a bit too light to be effective?”

“No, no, it was very effective, the worst one of all, really” garbled Brian in an obvious attempt to sway Tony towards picking whatever it was that had delivered only a mild sting.  Brian was known amongst his friends as an Am Dram Queen on occasion and he now employed his honed-by-years-of-practice talents to ham it up and make it sound effective.

“Ooh, I think I can spank you for over-acting as well,” laughed Tony.

“God, everyone’s a critic,” muttered Brian.  “Owwwww!”

“I heard that,” shot Tony as he landed a heavy slap to the rapidly blooming skin.  “A bit less cheek if you don’t mind, you’re far too lippy for someone in such a precarious position.”

“Hey, not fair.  Anyway, you’ve spanked me now, I demand my kisses!” came a petulant voice from somewhere near Tony’s waist, although Brian would have been extremely disappointed if Tony took notice of his demand.

It was easy enough for Tony to plant a kiss on Brian’s upper hip as it was only 5 inches away from his mouth in its current position.

“That’s to be going on with.”

“Just the one?  Besides, that wasn’t anywhere near where you’ve smacked me so it doesn’t justly count!” whined Brian trying hard to keep the giggle out of his voice.

“Don’t worry pet, I promise that later on I’ll kiss each and every single spot on your arse that gets a visit from ... um … yes … ok … this one.”



“I’m not going to stop until you say ‘Promise’.  As soon as you say that one word, I’ll stop,” threatened Tony with a fairly accurate guess that Brian would rather swallow his tongue than say the word and almost giggled himself when Brian brazenly crossed his arms in front of him in the classic sulk position.  How they had made it back to the living room and got themselves the right way up on the sofa – Brian’s right way up being face down across Tony’s knees – without collapsing with laugher was something of a mystery to them both.  Brian’s laughter had soon disappeared though as Tony set about covering his bottom with a multitude of hard swats with the large wooden spoon that he’d decided on.  

“You’re an absolute horror, you know that don’t you?” asked Tony laughingly.

“But I’m adorably cute so you’ll forgive me?” queried Brian hopefully.

What he did instead was to swing Brian’s legs off of his lap and haul him upright and round all in one smooth motion until Brian was kneeling up between Tony’s open legs.

“How about you’re adorably cute so I’m going to screw you senseless?” asked Tony.

“Promise?” replied Brian knowing that his response would make Tony laugh.

“Oh yes, that’s definitely a promise,” mumbled Tony as he helped Brian to his feet and stood up himself and before Brian could make a move he slipped behind him and held him flat against his body, one arm firm around Brian’s waist with the hand angled upwards to allow his fingers to rub enticingly across his nipples while the other made its way down to grasp his cock and slowly tease it to erection.  His own hard-on was now jutting and nudging against the crack of Brian’s arse, as if knowing exactly where it was meant to be and seeking entry to its home.

“But first,” said Tony as he moved both hands to grab hold of Brian’s waist, causing a whimper of dismay to come from Brian at the lack of contact where he was most enjoying it, “we have some kissing to do.”  With that he lifted and swung Brian onto the sofa so that he was kneeling facing the backrest.  Tony inserted one knee inbetween Brian’s thighs and exerted pressure and Brian obediently opened his legs to give Tony the access he wanted.

Tony knelt down on the floor, pushed the legs even further apart and, holding the hot cheeks gripped in each hand and squeezing and pressurising them firmly, he proceeded to cover the rounded flesh with kisses, nips and the slow lazy licks that this position allowed him while Brian writhed and moaned, his head thrown back, beyond speech for once.

This time they didn’t even try making it to the bedroom.  Tony moved up behind Brian and knelt between his open legs to position himself, while Brian held on as tight as he could to the back of the sofa and to his sanity as Tony teased himself inside him.


“That spanking was obviously long overdue and it’s about time that someone took you in hand.  I shall have to keep a closer eye on you my lad; someone’s got to keep you out of mischief after all,”  murmured Tony as they sprawled once again on the sofa, Brian tucked under Tony’s arm - at the end of which was a hand that was affectionately patting Brian’s still red and somewhat sore bottom.

Brian ignored, for the fanfaron that it was, the spoken aloud message that Tony’s domineering words implied and listened instead to the hidden message: that Tony planned on being around in the future. 

He liked that idea – a lot – but answered with a nonchalance that he didn’t quite feel and with a very small skip in his heartbeat, “And how precisely are you going to do that?  I shall just get up to mischief when you’re not here.”

“Well, I suppose I could ask you to promise to confess all your crimes to me, either that or I’ll have to resort to making sure I’m always where you are so that I can keep you in check.”

“Christ, that sounds like you’re planning to stalk me,” laughed Brian outraged.

“No, but we could make it something more … full-time … if you want?  … and then I’d have the perfect excuse to be where you are.”

The atmosphere shifted suddenly from something playful and frivolous to something tentative and promising. 

Brian thought about how nice it had been on his dates with Tony, how he had been almost skipping when alone in his flat after them out of pure happiness and how embarrassing he’d found his own joy in such a simple thing.  How their remembered conversations and jokes had brought a smile to his face at the most unlikely moment, causing him to receive knowing glances from strangers in the street.  Most of them seemed to be old ladies and he’d laughed further thinking that they might be shocked if they knew who it was that had put such a smitten look on his face.  It was a feeling that he hadn’t felt for a long time and now that it had made its appearance, albeit slightly, he was disinclined for it to disappear again.  An idea that brought him back to his present situation.   Was it possible that Tony really was proposing they make it something more permanent?

That sounds rather like … well, like a … you know?” Brian left the word hanging in the air unsaid but shrugged one shoulder and raised an eyebrow enquiringly at Tony. 

For all that it seemed obvious what Tony was getting at, there was always the fear at the beginning of a relationship that you meant one thing while the man in your arms meant another and jumping to conclusions wasn’t always a good idea.  He wanted more of an idea of what Tony was after before he committed himself to anything.

“I know.  Um … I mean, yes, that’s what I was thinking.  We could see how it goes, it doesn’t mean we have to start looking for picket fences or anything, but … something a little more … steady … could also be fun?  Something where I don’t have to ask if I can see you again, but just ask when will we be seeing each other again …  Making plans and things perhaps, not just dealing with the next date and see how it goes?”

“You mean, like become engaged to be boyfriends?” teased Brian.  “It could start a whole new trend.”

“Yes, something like that,” replied Tony nervously. 

Brian couldn’t help the smile that tugged at his mouth or the small buzz of happiness that coursed through him at Tony’s words.   

“Do I get a ring and everything?” asked Brian with a mischievous light in his eyes.

“You’ll get another bloody spanking if you don’t put me out of my misery soon!” whined Tony forlornly in his ear.

“Oh well,” said Brian with an exaggerated sigh of martyrdom.  “I suppose I wouldn’t want you being arrested for stalking, so-ooo, I’ll have to take you on just to look after you.”

“We can look after each other,” promised Tony as he relaxed back against the arm of the sofa and wrapped his arms tighter round Brian’s body to bring him closer and make it easier to lean down and plant kisses all along his jawline until he reached the lips that were waiting for him.




“I think I’ve discovered a spanked bit that you haven’t kissed yet …”

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