What exactly is a scallywag.

What exactly is a scallywag.
I'll go along with that.

Sleep therapy.

Warnings:  F/M sex, domination, pegging, sweary words.

Lance checked the bedside clock again.  2.07am.  Shit.  He was going to look like hell in the morning if he didn’t get some shut-eye.  He’d already tried counting sheep, blinking his eyes rapidly, trying to relax his breathing to force himself to go to sleep but none of the normal tricks were working tonight.  

He couldn’t help but lie in bed feeling resentful that his girlfriend was soundly asleep beside him and had managed to drop off almost immediately while he’d tossed and turned for at least 3 hours now. 

He sneaked another look.  2.38am. Christ, it was getting ridiculous.

‘Of course, what I really need is a blow job’ he thought to himself as he tried to gauge just how asleep Diana really was.  Yeah, well, she wasn’t likely to do that in her sleep even though she was capable of stealing most of the blankets and still swear blind in the morning that she didn’t.  

‘Maybe if she were awake, she’d give me a blow-job’ Lance tried to convince himself that this really could happen.  He could wank himself off without waking her but it was a much nicer activity when shared.  Especially if all he had to do was lie back and let her do all the work.  He remembered what she had to say to him the last time that he woke her up so she could suck him off and it wasn’t pretty.  Not only had they ended up having a fight, he still hadn’t got a blow-job.  He wasn’t sure an argument at sparrow-fart was going to help him drop off.

Also, she had an early morning video call booked for 7am with the Hong Kong office of the company she worked for and they wouldn’t be impressed if she was late for it or tuned in with bags under her eyes.  Apparently a big contract depended on her getting this deal right so it was important that she was fresh and ready to finalise it.  She’d go fucking nuts if he woke her up on purpose.

Maybe. . . just maybe. . . what if his cock accidentally found its way into her hand and she gripped it and just did what came naturally.  Kind of like a kinky version of Pavlov’s dog.  Hear the bell, start drooling.  Feel the cock, start wanking.  He decided it was worth a try.  Luckily she’d just half turned over and her right arm lay enticingly in view and unencumbered by the one sheet they were using in the current heatwave.  It was even half open in a kind of semi-grip position.  

Lance quickly slipped his sleep-shorts off and gave his cock a couple of strokes to get it interested and shuffled himself further down the bed in what he hoped was a ‘just fidgeting in my sleep’ movement in case she suddenly woke up and asked what the fuck he was doing.  It took some doing but he eventually managed to slide his cock into her relaxed palm and he waited with baited breath to see if nature took over.   It didn’t.  She flexed open her fingers with the new contact and then just left them where they were.  Resting on his throbbing cock and absolutely not doing anything with it.  Lance surreptitiously gave a couple of hip thrusts to try and start things off but it just wasn’t happening.  Her hand remained soft and floppy and his cock was rapidly copying it.

3.14am.  Fuck’s sake.  He needed to get off or he was never going to fall asleep.

He lay back in bed and thought about the argument he and Diana had had on this subject.  What was it she shouted at him?  ‘I’m not some fucking whore that you can just screw whenever you feel the need.  You go round telling everyone I’m your girlfriend like you want a fucking medal for being kind to me; well that means you’re supposed to care about my needs as well as your own.  Don’t be such a selfish prick!  If you want a blow-job in the middle of the night just because you can’t fucking sleep, you better learn how to do it to yourself because I’m telling you now, you won’t bloody like what you get instead if you wake me up again like that!’

Actually, that was kind of hot, he remembered.  God, she was fuming and he recalled that he had got a certain thrill from her attitude.  Fair enough, they had in the past play acted a little with some spanking and it turned out that she was better at it than he was.  She was much better at playing at being cross and smacking his backside than he could manage although he hadn’t actually managed much because the two or three times that they had done it, it had only been him that had been spanked.   

The idea had been for him to go first and then switch but sex got in the way and he hadn’t got round to playing the dominant role with her yet.  And she did spank really hard when he thought about it.  Much harder than he would have thought a girl could or should when it was just meant to be for fun.  The bottom line was that her bossy side turned him on a bit but she did need to learn to reel it in.  It was all very well cussing him out and even smacking him but it ought to be when he wanted her to do it, not the other way round.  He decided that he’d have to speak to her about that at some point.  Right now, the most important thing was to get some kind of action. 

He thought once again about what she said and picked up on one particular line.  ‘You’re meant to care about my needs as well’.  OK, he could work with that he told himself.  He knew from experience that once she was turned on, there was no stopping her so all he needed was to get her turned on before she woke up – maybe then her urge would be greater than her annoyance and they’d both end up getting off.  Everybody happy!

He turned his face slowly towards her sleeping body just to make sure that she wasn’t suddenly awake and looking at him in that way of hers that said ‘I know exactly what you’re thinking and you can stop that right now!’.  

“Phew, I really thought she had caught me out then,” he told himself as he breathed a sigh of relief.

“OK, here we go.  Let’s start off with something innocent.”

Lance made a point of moving closer to Diana and letting his hand fall near her long hair.  He knew that she loved having her hair touched and it was the one thing that was guaranteed to make her melt and become pliable.  He started to absently move his fingers through her hair, randomly touching her ear and her closed eyes and creating twirls of blonde about her neck.  She stretched and tilted her head more to one side in an unconscious request for more of the same and for him to move further down.  Lance obliged with a satisfied smirk that it was going to plan.  

Over the next 10 minutes Lance steadily worked his way around and down Diana’s body, paying particular attention at first to her collarbone and her armpit – for some reason she really liked being caressed there – until he came to what he thought of as his target.  He’d circled her left nipple with a wet fingertip and it had most definitely reacted, even asleep she liked that but he’d had to stop when she started to frown a bit and twist away so the breast fell out of his reach.  She wasn’t nearly turned on enough to be woken up yet so he had quickly abandoned her boobs, remembering maybe just a tad too late that she liked her nipples being played with if they were uncovered but didn’t much like it if it was done through clothes.  And she was wearing a tight stretchy camisole top that obviously counted as clothes by her fussy tits.  How the hell she could like it one way and not the other eluded Lance but he was past trying to figure it out at this stage.  On to the main deal.

He very carefully, and slowly, allowed his middle finger to edge nearer and nearer, in gentle circles, to her cunt and casually dipped it under the matching shorts she wore and pressed it gradually into the crease of her lips.  He didn’t go straight for her clit; that would be sure to wake her up too soon.  Instead, he made himself tease and wander and caress around it with only the occasional brush of his fingertip across it.  He wanted to make her want more before she became aware of what he was doing.  As soon as he heard her whimper softly in her sleep, he knew he had her.  Once she started groaning  and he felt her become wet, she was going to be too far gone to stop and he could confidently go further and harder knowing that she was hot for it as well.

He was so intent on his plan that it only struck him too late that she had stopped writhing and had even stopped whimpering.  He risked a quick glance at her face to see how turned on she might be and was met with what normally were warm green eyes glaring at him from under very tousled blonde hair.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?”

Lance didn’t answer as he wasn’t sure what he was meant to say.  It was more than obvious what he had been doing but he didn’t want to out and out admit it to her.  All he could manage was a weak ‘Erm. . .’ before giving up and tried instead to make himself look innocent while searching his mind desperately for a reason why he had his finger stuck in her pussy in the middle of the night without even a by your leave.

“Well, I think I just kinda did it in my sleep. . .” was his eventual reply.  Hey, just because she wasn’t capable of wanking someone off in her sleep, doesn’t mean that he couldn’t do it.  That sort of thing had to be instinct!

“In your sleep?  You were playing with my tits and fingering me in your sleep?  With your eyes open?  Are you some kind of fucking idiot or is it that you think I’m one?  What were you going to do if I didn’t wake up. . . climb on top and stick it in and hope I didn’t notice?  What sort of pervert gets off on fucking someone who isn’t awake?”

“Hey, that’s not fair.  I wouldn’t have gone that far, I was hoping you’d wake. . . “  too late Lance realised that he’d just confessed.

“Yeah, I thought so.  So. . .what?  You couldn’t sleep but you couldn’t be bothered to knock one out yourself so you thought you’d get me involved?  That’s it, isn’t it?  We talked about this last time you tried it and I told you then I didn’t like it, that I don’t like being treated that way and you still went ahead and did it again.  UnFuckingBelievable.  You’re pathetic, that’s what you are!”

Diana’s voice was getting louder and louder by the insult and Lance was worried that soon enough, everyone in the building was going to be awake, not just the two of them.  She was already out of bed and striding angrily about the bedroom and Lance couldn’t help but feel just a little bit intimidated.  She’d never been this angry before about anything he’d done to piss her off and no matter how many times he tried to interrupt her tirade to apologise – even he knew he was beyond explanations – she wouldn’t let him speak.

“You sad excuse of a man.  How dare you!  What did I say to you last time you tried it?”

This was almost shouted in Lance’s face as she reached some kind of boiling point and had grabbed his hair and was pulling on it to the extent that he had to scramble out of bed just to retain his follicles.  All he could say at this point was Ow! and Sorry! 
“Sorry?  SORRY?  Oh, you’re going to be sorry!  Tell me what I said to you last time?  I know you remember so don’t try and pretend you don’t.  Tell me!”

Lance cursed the fact that she knew he had a sharp memory for some things.  He did remember, word for word and as he followed in her wake as she shook him and he tried to limit the damage she was doing to his scalp with both of his hands clamped over hers, he acknowledged he was at a distinct disadvantage.  That kind of threat never boded well.

“You said that I wouldn’t like what I would get, something like that.”

“No, not something like that, Exactly That!  I knew this day was coming.  I bloody knew it!  I knew that you wouldn’t be able to not do this to me when you wanted sex.  You treat me like a piece of meat and now you’re going to know exactly how that feels, Mister.”

With that last phrase yelled at the top of her voice, she used her free hand to slap him once, hard, across his muscled arse.  The sting was enough to make him drop his hands and throw them behind him.  Good God, that had been hard!  What surprised him more than the strength of the spank she gave him was the fact that his cock was hard again.  He wasn’t sure why but there was something going on here that turned him on fantastically.

Diana let go of his hair and pushed him hard enough to make him fall back on the edge of the bed.

She ran her hand over her face in an act of disbelief, stopped and slowly brought her hand in front of her face and looked at it intently.

“Why the hell is there pre-cum on my hand?  Don't tell me that you tried to wank yourself off with my hand.”

Lance shot a nervous grin at her and shrugged his shoulders in a half hearted acknowledgement as if to say 'what can I say, these things happen'.

“Come on, baby, don't make a big deal out of it....”

Diana looked at the wry grin easing its way onto his face and took in the shine in his eyes.  He thought it was funny and he was expecting to charm her into thinking it was funny as well.  Or at the very least, charm her into not being angry with him.  It was what he was good at.  He used his charms and his good looks to always get what he wanted.  She knew he was a chancer and this proved it. The manipulative bastard was trying to play her; with his puppy-dog oh-so-sincere looks he'd being been trying to ever since he'd moved himself in with her but this was the most blatant attempt yet.

She hadn't been planning on asking him to stay with her but he'd wheedled his way in during a moment of weakness on her part when she was down with the flu, on the understanding that he would repaint the kitchen in lieu of rent and that it was for a few days only and here he was, 4 weeks later, still here.  Still pushing his luck. She'd accepted it only because he was as sexy as sin and she thought she saw potential in him and was prepared to bring him on slowly.  Not now.  In a way it was good that this had happened.  Now she didn't have to hide who she was. Now he was going to get what was coming to him.  The fact that he was so cocky was part of what made him attractive to her, there was no point hooking up with someone who was a saint.  The trouble was he was so damn good looking that he thought he was immune to the rules of normal people.  He may well be, but he wouldn't be immune to her rules for very much longer.

After that. . . well, then they'd talk about whether or not he stayed but tonight he was going to learn a lesson and learn it well.

“Don't make a big deal out of it?”  Diana asked him acerbically.  “Get out of my bed right this minute, you little shit.  I've had enough of you and your piss-taking attitude.  Come to think of it, get out of my apartment.  You've overstayed your welcome by a mile and I want you gone.  You can come back tomorrow to pick up your things.”  

She had no intention of chucking him out then and there and doubted very much that he would willingly go and wander the streets at 4am.  

“Baby!  What are you saying; you know you don't mean that.  We're good together, you know we are.  Okay, okay, waking you up was a bit out of order but I can't help it if you're so sexy that I can't control myself.  You looked so wonderful lying there; you turned me on so much. . .”

“Shut the fuck up!  I know I'm sexy, I don't need you to tell me that, and if I don't need you for that, what exactly do I need you for, Lance?  Sure, you're good at going down on me but frankly; you're only an okay fuck.  You lie about on your arse all day and only go to work if you feel like it, so why the hell do I need you in my life?  If I wanted a pet I would get myself a cat!  You haven't even painted the fucking kitchen yet!

Lance looked a little bit shocked and offended to hear that she thought he was only an 'okay fuck' and was on the point of telling her that other women didn't think so but bit his tongue before it slipped out.  Perhaps not the best approach to take; he'd be better off appeasing her.  None of his so-called friends were willing to let him doss with them again and this was a really nice apartment.  Even with the spanking lark, he knew he was on to a good thing here.
“Aw, Diana, don't say things like that.  I love you, you know I do.  And I can change, I can be better.  I'm willing to do that for you.  I'll do whatever you want to prove my love for you.  Please, baby, tell me what you want and I'll do it.”

Lance didn't hear the symbolic clang of the trap as it closed around him.

Diana stopped shouting and looked at him seriously.

“Will you, Lance?  Will you really do whatever I want to prove your love?  I'd like to believe you, Lance, I really would, but I don't know if I can trust you anymore.”  Lance wasn't the only one in this relationship who was good at acting. “'You promised me that you wouldn't wake me up for sex again and tonight you broke that promise.”

“I know, I'm sorry.  I promise, I really promise I won't do that again.  Cross my heart, I'll be good from now on; I'll do whatever you want.”  Lance didn't have any intention of keeping such a promise but it was that kind of rubbish that had women rushing to forgive him.  He'd play nice for a day or two until he was back in her good books but that was as far as his commitment went.  He could see she was wavering as she bit her lower lip in indecision.

“Gotcha!”  He thought to himself triumphantly.  Ok, in for the kill now and if she wanted to spank him as a punishment for fingering her, he supposed he could cope with that.  Yeah, OK, it might be a bit harder than she normally did it if she really was annoyed with him, but he reckoned that he could take it.   And hey, spanking him normally turned her on so, with a bit of luck, she’d be in the mood for sex afterwards.   Yeah, he’d agree to that, a bit of a sore arse was a fair price to pay.  He would have to suggest it though as to her it was just a game but maybe he could convince her this was a better decision than chucking him out.

“Come on, baby, tell me what I can do to make it up to you.  Whatever you want.  You want to spank me again?  I'm okay with that.  I know I moaned a bit last time but that was play and this isn't.  This is serious so if you want to punish me, I mean really punish me, I won't try and stop you and I won't complain.”

'Gotcha!, she thought to herself triumphantly as she continued to bite her lip to stop herself from laughing out loud at how easy this had been.  Ok, in for the kill now.

“Do you mean that, Lance?  Do you love me enough to let me do whatever I want with you?”

“Of course I mean it, baby.”

“Okay then.  Get up on the bed on your hands and knees and I'll be right back.”

Lance was a bit surprised at how quickly she had capitulated but still smiled to himself as he climbed into the middle of the bed to take up his position.  The spankings he'd received from Diana previously weren't too bad.  Actually, they were a bit of a turn on, if he were honest, but he wasn't going to tell her that and let her know she would be giving him a treat instead of a punishment.

A quick look round told him that she had gone into the spare room next door.  He wasn't sure what she was after in there but he heard a cupboard door opening and closing and a minute or two later the sound of her footsteps returning so he assumed she was bringing some kind of implement back with her.  He didn't look round again when she climbed on the bed and knelt behind him - let her think he was being complicit and doing as he was told.

“Are you sure you're willing to do this, Lance?”

“Yes, I'm sure.  I won't back down, I swear.”  

As she'd asked him her question, her left hand had begun to wander across his lower back and down over his arse.  It didn't stop there, she slid her hand further down, down until she was brushing at the delicate skin behind his balls and letting her fingers trail back up over his hole and down again.  She slid her hand further down and under and cupped both of his balls in the palm of her hand and held them there, jiggling them, weighing them, gently caressing them.

All Lance could think was that if this was a punishment, then he would have woken her up sooner.  He was zoned out enough not to hear the flick of a bottle cap being opened but he certainly registered its contents when she passed two cold and wet fingers from her right hand over his hole and kept them there, circling, pushing, teasing.  Tormenting.   He couldn't help but give a gasp of pleasure at the sensation.  This was new and he liked it.  He was about to give her some words of encouragement when he felt his bollocks slowly being squeezed.  He waited for her to let up, to go back to playing with them but she didn't.  All she did was continue squeezing until they were squashed together, the pain becoming more intense the tighter she squeezed.

As he opened his mouth to protest and to tell her to stop, she spoke first.

“Now that we're clear on who's in charge here, I'm going to lay down the law for you and tell you what's about to happen.  See these two fingers here at your back door, Lance?  Well, these two fingers are going exploring.  One by one they are going to find their way up inside your arse and then they are going to investigate.  Oh, they're going to have such a party in there.  They're going to be pushing and shoving and moving about.  They are going to be rubbing up against anything they find and spreading out to make more room and stretching you out.  And you need to be thankful for that, Lance.  You need to be thankful that these two fingers are going to pave the way for bigger and better things to come.  And if you struggle or protest they are going to fuck you with all their strength, and they may even call in their brothers to help subdue you.  You don't want that, Lance, trust me, you don't.  Four fingers is a lot to take for a novice.  Do you understand me, Lance?  Are you getting the picture here?”

Lance nodded furiously but had been shocked into silence at Diana's threats and seeing as she still had hold of his balls, he wasn't willing to risk pulling away from her and damaging his nuts.

“So, you're going to kneel there, nice and quiet, all submissive and let me finger fuck you.  When I've finished with that, you're going to kneel there, nice and quiet, all submissive and let me fuck you with your new toy - your very own strap on cock.”

There was no protesting to be done because halfway through this speech, Diana had pushed first one and then the other finger inside him and was slowly moving them in and out and twirling them round while she explained what was going to happen to him.  He could hardly hear her above his own groans.

I'm going to fuck you, Lance.  I'm going to fuck you for so long and so hard that you're going to regret ever trying to play me.  You think I didn't know what type of person you were. . . I knew it the minute I saw you.  I let you think you charmed me but I've been reeling you in.  See, my last fucktoy got a new job on the other side of the country and I wasn't so attached to him that I wanted to go with him so I stayed here and kept my eyes peeled.  And along you came.  And then you wheedled your way into my parlour, didn't you?  And now you're caught in my web, helpless, unable to move, unable to do anything other than look on as your fate approaches.”

By now her fingers were pumping rhythmically and Lance was rocking backwards and forwards on them even though the movement hurt his balls.

“But you don't really want to escape, do you?  This is what you really like, you just didn't know it.  Are you enjoying my fingers in your arse, Lance?  Do you want something more?  Do you want this lovely big fat cock up there as well?”

She gave his balls an extra squeeze and ordered, “Answer me, you worthless little shit.  Do You Want A Big Fat Cock Up Your Arse?”

Each word was accompanied by a deep thrust of her right hand which drove her fingers further in each time.

Lance let out a long moan that was beyond his control.  He didn’t know if it was a protest or an appeal or a cross between the two.

“Yes, yes, I want it.  Please. Put it up me.”

He couldn’t see Diana smile at the admission but he guessed she was pleased as she released his balls and he almost cried in relief as the pain faded away.  She pulled her fingers from his arse and left him kneeling on the bed, unfettered and free to move if he did but know it.  Rather than try to escape, what he did was to lower himself to let his elbows support him instead of his arms and then he lowered his head to rest on his hands.  His main thought was that it allowed a less tiring position for his arms – what he hadn’t taken into consideration is that it allowed better access and showed a more submissive stance.  Leaving didn’t even cross his mind.

He felt something touch his hole. Something strange that was firm but not hard.  He supposed it was the cock she had bought him but he had no experience of this so could only guess. He could feel it pushing, demanding entrance, not allowing his loosened muscles to deny it access.

“Oh, and Lance. . .?  I’m not your girlfriend. . .  I’m your Mistress!”

And with those words, she pushed the cock into him, slowly but unrelentingly until it was halfway in.  There she waited and let the shudders in his body subside.  Then she moved and he cried out every time she withdrew and pushed back in.  She was relentless in bringing new sensations to him as she changed the angle and speed of her thrusts to keep him on edge.  He could feel an itch building and desperately needed to do something to alleviate the urge a cock in his arse brought on.  Without thinking, he freed one of his hands from under his forehead and moved it down his own body.

Diana stopped him in his tracks as she barked at him.  “Who gave you permission to touch yourself?  You get to cum when I tell you so and not a minute before.  And I may not allow it at all so you remember that before you push your luck any more tonight.”

Every third or fourth word was delivered along with a stinging slap from the thin black leather strap she had hooked to her right wrist.  Although it was slim and consequently covered less skin, it meant she could be more precise where she spanked.  It also meant she didn't actually have to withdraw from his arse to smack him.  All she had to do was twist on an angle to one side to uncover first one cheek and then the other as well as the delicate skin down the back of his thighs that were available due to her insistence on the legs wide open stance he was struggling to maintain.  Each slap of the strap on his backside produced an agonising grunt; the ones to his thighs caused a hastily swallowed shriek to ring through the room.

She let the strap hang loose once again and slipped her hand between his legs to take a firm hold on his balls, squeezing progressively harder until he hissed in pain.

“These belong to me now.  You touch them when I say you can touch them.  Feel how tight they are. Feel how ready they are.  You're just seconds away from coming, aren't you?”

When Lance didn't answer, she gave a viscous twist of her wrist and he screamed.

“I said, aren't you?  You'll learn to answer me when I ask you a question or you'll learn what disobedience brings.”

Lance could hardly remember the question by this time so instead started to babble responses that he hoped were right.

“I'm sorry, I'm sorry.  Please. Please.  I'll do what you want, whatever you want.  Oh, please.  Let me...  Please.

Diana smiled at his begging.  He wasn't making sense and was stupid with lust, pain and desire.  An ideal state.  She released her hold on his balls and saw the tenseness leave his shoulders in relief thinking maybe that it was over.  It wasn't.

“Good, so let's see if you're better at fucking yourself than you are at fucking me. Come on, move that pretty arse of yours and see how much cock you can get inside it by yourself.”  Diana stopped moving and let Lance slide himself back and forth on the dildo, noting how he didn’t dare push more than half of it inside himself.  He wasn’t as fast or as ruthless as she would have been but she didn’t expect more from him on his first time.

“Okay, enough!” she said as she settled her hands on his hips to stop his motion.  

Pulling slowly backwards, she allowed the dildo to slip from his hole and watched it close while he shivered at the absence.  He had already become used to its presence.

She instructed him to turn over and lie on his back with one of her thick pillows under his hips.  As soon as he heard her words he knew that they weren't finished yet.  His only hope was that with his own cock now out in the open, she would take pity on him and allow it some fun, maybe even play with it herself.  She surely couldn't be serious about not being allowed to touch his own cock.  A sharp slap to his right butt cheek hurried him along and he scrambled to obey her, to keep her happy and pleased with him, in the hope that doing so would mean a reward later on.  As he moved he risked a quick glance at the strap-on that she had been using and then wished that he hadn’t.  It seemed huge and was more intimidating waving about in front of him than it had been when he couldn’t see it.

Once he was lying down, she ordered him to bring his knees up and to reach down with his hands to spread his cheeks.  His opening looked a little bit sore but nothing a spot more lube wouldn't take care of.  She reapplied the gel to the slender cock she had bought for him days ago and placed it at his hole, pressing it gently so its presence was known.  She didn't push in but waited to see what he would do.  He wanted something, she could see that from the way that his body twitched and his hips gave small infinitesimal flicks almost like unconscious contractions.  Still she didn't move.  He contrived to move the inch nearer that he needed to push himself onto the cock but couldn't manage to skewer himself more than that.  Only the head of the authentic looking strap-on was inside him.  If he moved, it was in danger of falling out again, even though the cockhead was big enough to act as a stopper inside the muscle.

He needed it.  He wanted it.  He shuffled down and managed to push another inch inside him only for his efforts to be frustrated by Diana moving back an inch to leave things how they were, just the head inside him and him desperate for more.  Diana stayed where she was doing nothing more than tracing her long nails across the back of his raised thighs and under his balls which had all but disappeared in their desire for release as she watched him carefully.  Soon.  Not yet, but soon.

He moved again and gained an inch only to have it denied as she retreated the same distance.  Lance wailed in frustration and banged his head back against the mattress.  Twice more he managed to push himself further onto the rubber cock and twice more Diana held the pleasure at bay.  Frustration grew in him as well as a determination that he would not be thwarted this time.  Impaling himself would please her, he just knew it would and he wanted her pleased with him.  He steeled himself to move forward as much as he could and to hold the cock inside him.  Diana was ready for him.  As he pushed forward, so did she until she was buried deep in his arse and his eyes were wide with shock.  His hands scrabbled in the sheets as his body tried to adjust and he fought the instinctive urge to escape or let  panic takeover.  This was much deeper than when she had him on his knees.  This was all the way in!

Once he had his breathing under control again, he had to admit that although it hurt it was a good kind of hurt.  Diana hadn't moved after her initial thrust and was intently watching him waiting for his body to show signs of relaxing seeing as the cock inside him wasn't capable of feeling the walls of his arse relax around it, giving signal to the next step.  Once she saw that he began to breathe more easily, she moved.  She started to rock backwards and forwards, not pulling out in the least but creating movement inside him that made his cock start to leak furiously.

He couldn't help it and quickly forgot her instructions about no touching and went to stroke himself again.

A sharp slap to his bobbing cock made him gasp in pain.

“Uh-uh” she admonished.  “That counts as disobedience. You'll have to pay for that.”

He pulled his hand away before it made contact.  “Sorry, I'm sorry.  Don't. . . Please, no more. . .”

“No more?”  She questioned.  “What. . . no more fucking?  Is that what you want? Are you sure? Or is it no more cock slapping?  You can't mean that, look how much your cock likes it.  It likes being slapped and it likes having a cock up your arse as well. . . You want to deny your cock its pleasure? “

By now he was beyond understanding or making sense and didn't know which question he was meant to be answering.  

This is your cock now,” she told him as she thrust the strap-on deep inside him.  “This is how you're going to get pleasure from now on, with your very own cock deep inside you.  You'll notice that I bought the one with ribbing on it.  Can you feel it rubbing along your prostate?  Every thrust and every withdrawal is going to make you want more and more and you're going to want it harder and harder. “

The long strokes were driving Lance insane and he was incoherent as he watched the cock slowly disappear into his hole time and time again.

“Your pathetic excuse for a dick isn't worth bothering with,” she sneered cruelly as she flicked his penis sharply and watched as it twitched at the dual punishment and stimulation.  “Look at it bobbing about, desperate for some attention, drooling at the thought of a stroke or two.  That's all it would take, isn't it Lance?  A couple of strokes along the shaft. . . Some gentle rubbing around the head.  Is that what you want, Lance?”

Lance couldn't take his eyes from his own cock as Diana described it.  If he could have cum from willpower alone, he would have splattered the bedsheets already but it was obeying her more than it was listening to him.  If he was 15 again, he might have exploded already but it had been a long time since just thinking about sex made him shoot.

And some part of him wanted to obey Diana.  He wanted her to be pleased with him.  If he did cum spontaneously without touching himself, he'd be happy with that but he was now prepared to do as she asked and try to hold on.

Almost as though she knew his dilemma, Diana reached forward and took hold of his hands.

“I'll help you,” she told her helpfully.  “Straighten your legs a bit.  That's enough.  Now put your hands behind your knees.  No, from inside the leg, that's good.  Now bend your knees down again.”

Diana moved her own knees back a couple of inches and placed her hands on the front of his lowered shins which were still in the air, supporting her weight on them and turning his legs into a vice for his hands.  Lance was now effectively held in bondage by his own body. 
He could only watch in fascination as Diana started to pump into him harder and harder and faster and faster.  The new angle she had adopted had changed the pressure inside him and now he was leaking pre-cum constantly.  A pool was gathering at the base of his cock and he knew he was dangerously close to being milked. Time and time again she took him to the edge and then stopped and watched him cry out and beg her to let him cum.

“You've not earned it yet. You need to please me first before I allow that.  Do you want to please me, Lance?  Do you want me to be happy with your performance?  Do you want to impress me?  Make me happy?” Asked Diana silkily.

Lance nodded his head frantically, willing to do anything and everything she asked of him.

She released his legs and guided his feet to rest once more on the bed, allowing his hands to be freed at the same time.  As she pulled the cock slowly from his arse, she instructed him to move to the end of the bed and lay across it with his head and shoulders hanging over the edge.  Once he was in the position she wanted, she stood astride his chest, with her legs blocking his arms from touching himself and moved so his mouth was directly under her.  She pulled aside the crotch of the pajama shorts she was still wearing.

“Make me cum, Lance.  As soon as you make me cum, I'll allow you to do the same.  No using your hands, only that talented tongue of yours.”

Lance had to raise his head to reach her lips and push between them to find her clit and work on it.  Diana was right about one thing, he did have a talented tongue.  It was his saving grace with women, his ability to give good oral sex.  And it meant that he knew enough not to go straight for the kill.  Diana liked it slow at first, if he concentrated too much on her clit, she claimed that it was too intense, that she liked to work up to it.  She'd been telling him this for weeks, teaching him almost.  As hard as it was to slow down, he forced himself to do it so that his own release would come quicker.

He continued lapping and licking and sucking at her, ignoring the strain in his neck, ignoring the material of the shorts that kept obstructing his target and that he kept having to nudge aside, pushing as far inside her as he could, willing her to cum as soon as possible.  Her hitched breathing and small gasps was the sign he needed.  He pushed his tongue against her clit and held it there, providing a constant pressure with only the smallest of movements to keep her orgasm building.  

He was suddenly rewarded as she climaxed over his face, drenching him in her juices as she collapsed forward with her arms on either side of his hips.  The smell of her arousal was intoxicating.  He pushed forward as much as his position allowed and strained his tongue to reach more of her, to slip further inside, to taste as much of her as he could before she decided to deny him this pleasure as well.

As soon as her last spasm had finished, she lifted herself off and told him he was allowed to wank now.  Without even taking a moment to wipe her cum from his face, his hand flew to his cock and it took less than half a dozen strokes before he was exploding into his hand and over his stomach.  He continued the stroking, not wanting it to ever finish after such a long wait but only managed to squeeze out a few more drops before the sensitive head demanded that he stop.  His breathing was ragged and his chest was heaving with the evening's effort.

“Lance?”  She prompted from where she now stood beside the bed and waited until he turned his head toward her, looking punch-drunk and with proof of her orgasm still evident on his face and one hand still holding his cock.  

“The rules have changed now.  You want to stay here with me; this is what you can expect from now on.  I'll fuck you whenever I feel like it and punish you if I feel you deserve it and you'll accept it all or get out.  Take it or leave it.”  

She started to undo the buckles that held the strap-on in place.  “I'm going to clean up now and when I come out the bathroom, I want a decision. Yes or no.  That’s all you have to say to me for the moment.”  

She turned away and entered the bathroom closing the door behind her.

Lance watched her go as his dazed brain tried to take in all that had happened in the last hour or two.  Occasionally playing games was one thing and even though this had been the most extreme sex he had ever had, she was fucking mad if she thought he was going to sign up for it permanently.  He'd be crazy to agree.  This was his chance to leave, even if it was almost 5am in the morning.  

Diana steeled herself for what she would find when she left the confines of the bathroom - would he still be there or had he made his escape?  Taking a deep breath, she opened the door and let out a sharp laugh at what she saw. 
Far from being gone, Lance was curled up exactly where she'd left him, at the foot of the bed with a satisfied grin on his face.   

He was also fast asleep.

“I'm going to take that as a yes then,” said Diana to herself as she moved round the bed and slid in, not taking any care at all to not jostle him and in fact purposely pushing him out the way with her feet so she'd be more comfortable.  He didn't wake, just made one small sound of protest in the back of his throat as he moved aside and ceded his place to her.

“Looks like I've got myself a pet after all,” she laughed.

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