What exactly is a scallywag.

What exactly is a scallywag.
I'll go along with that.

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Yay, another update.

Okay, I may be slightly more excited about this than you lot.  Oh, well.

We have another update for your pleasure.  This one is also under the FemDom section but I managed to contain myself and changed the name of the protagonist.   So, come and meet Todd in Old School and see how he, or his mother, got him into his predicament.


I've created this blog in order to find a home for the adult male spanking stories I had originally posted on Tripod and who, in their dubious wisdom, decided to delete without notification. It may take me some time to work out how to post the stories in the way, place and order that I want them but with all fingers crossed and some sweary words thrown in, we should get there. There are a couple of unpublished stories that will be new to any of the previous readers and, it must be said, there has been a gap in the writing due to the pressures of a real horrible world but hopefully that changes soon. Happy Reading.