What exactly is a scallywag.

What exactly is a scallywag.
I'll go along with that.

Introducing Connor and Alex

“Alex, are you in here?”  Connor’s voice sounded from the other side of the door. 

Oh, thank God, and about bloody time too.  I’d been starting to think I needed to find another way out of the building and back home. What building, I hear you ask? Oh, you want a few more details – nosey aren’t yah.  OK, if you insist – I’m currently sat in the locked toilet of a popular BDSM club, which is throwing a Top/Bottom’s night and I need to vacate the building before someone comes looking for me. What do you mean, start at the beginning?  Huh! Some people want to know the inside and outside of a paper bag. 

Where exactly do you what me to start? At the beginning? Yes, you’ve said that already, I thought you might.  OK, here goes - I’ve a bit of a kink, just a small one, mind.  Don’t give me that look, everyone has something; they just don’t always admit to it. Myself, I quite like the idea of being spanked.  No, I’m not going into the whys and wherefores, that’s none of your business.  Anyway, liking an idea and doing something about it are two totally different things.  I’d already done the normal thing in this situation; gone on the internet, read stories, visited sites. I even went as far as talking in a chat room.  But that doesn’t actually hit the mark, if you get my drift.  So while in one of the chat rooms I hit it off with this guy, he was a strong believer in the old adage: it’s better to give than receive, know what I mean?  He’s a member of this club, suggested that we meet up for a drink first and then I go there afterwards as his guest.  Get a look around and then play if I fancied it.  Great I thought; seemed just what I was looking for. 

I’ll admit I may have had a small tot of whiskey beforehand, just to steady the nerves.  A bit of Dutch courage never hurt anyone, now did it?  So off I trot to the pre-arranged pub and meet up with Mike.  Nice guy, not quite up to his picture, but still ‘thank you very much’, know what I mean?  So we have another couple of drinks, a chat, just generally getting to know each other a bit better.  I wasn’t really sure what you were supposed to wear to these sorts of places – but figured that I really needed to show off my assets. I settled for a very tight fitting black t-shirt and an even tighter fitting pair of leather trousers.  What to wear underneath caused a few worries until I decided that my best option was to go commando.  I spent ages getting ready, preening myself in front of the mirror.  Looking at myself from all angles. I’m not a bad looking guy, even if I do say so myself.  And I do, OK.  I don’t know if I made the right decision with regards to no underpants – I definitely needed to be careful with the zip. 

So after a few more drinks we move onto the club. Well, that was a real eye opener I can tell you. It wasn’t what I’d imagined.  The rooms were very tastefully done in red and gold, the lighting showing it off to its best advantage.  Racks, stools, chairs and chains adorned the place, every sort of play furniture you could imagine in fact.  I’ve got to be honest, after looking around I felt a little over dressed.  One guy walked past wearing a leather harness and thong, his backside a rosy red colour with stripes clearly visible.  I felt my body respond and wished my trouser weren’t quite so tight.  Mike’s hand made contact with my backside, a quick slap followed by a squeeze.  I nearly jumped a mile, I wasn’t expecting that.  I was feeling a bit nervous to tell you the truth.  My stomach had a pack of rampant butterflies in it and I was wishing I hadn’t had that last pint of lager.  

“Come on, I’ll show you around” Mike smiled at me. “Relax, enjoy yourself.  Just remember you can look but don’t touch, not unless you are invited.” 

I smiled back and followed him.  He stopped where a small crowd had gathered, obviously waiting for something.  They didn’t have to wait long either.  A guy was already seated on a chair with another guy bare arsed across his lap.  I couldn’t hear what was being said, only stand and watch. The seated guy was currently running his hand across the bare backside in front of him, stroking and petting it.  He suddenly lifted it up and left rip two stinging slaps, one to each cheek.  I jumped at the sound it made.  Another stoke followed by another round of slaps, each one getting harder.  The chap on the receiving end seemed to grip the legs of the chair harder, but not a sound did he make. This time, the Top traced his fingers over the redden skin, inspecting it. He then started spanking again, concentrating on one spot and then moving to another, until the Bottom started to buck.  This evoked a sharp word and two slap to the tops of his thighs.  More petting, stroking and soft words were spoken – it’s a bugger when you can’t hear what’s being said. Momentarily stopping, he reached over and picked up a paddle.  I think he then started to tell the other guy exactly what his backside looked like – very red by the way – and what he was going to do with the paddle, which at that moment in time was resting sedately on his bum.  The miscreant was by now wriggling a little over his lap, but I couldn’t decide whether this was because he was trying to get his arse away from the paddle or whether he was trying to get the Top to start spanking him.  Then the spanking started again, the rise and fall of the paddle ever so slowly increasing in tempo and strength.  It suddenly dawned on me that I wasn’t going to remain quite so staid with a paddle hitting my backside.  Mind you, the Bottom had started to make a few moaning sounds. Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea after all.  I looked up and smiled at Mike, indicating that my mobile which was attached to my belt had gone off.  I had to attach it to something, and there was only just enough room for me in the trousers – can’t go anywhere these days without my mobile now can I? 

Walking away I quickly made a call to Connor, my flat mate.  Could he pick me up from outside a club?  Which club? Yes, he would want to know that – OK, bit difficult that one.  He doesn’t know about my kink for a start.  What the hell, I could always say I didn’t know what type of club it was until I got here.  So I told him, said I was hiding in the toilets and to ring me when he was outside.  There was a time I quite fancied Connor, still do I suppose.  I think he liked me as well, but it didn’t seem a good idea as we were flat sharing – it could have got quite messy.  I didn’t want that to happen, I didn’t want to lose his friendship – it hasn’t stopped us flirting occasionally, just nothing has ever come of it.   

So I went back over to Mike, that guy was still getting spanked by the way – how the hell he was going to sit down tomorrow was beyond me –although I suppose the guy giving the spanking knew how much he could take.  We watched for a while longer and then Mike indicated that we continue to have a look around.  There seem to be people playing all over the place, totally relaxed and enjoying the evening.  I glanced at my watch, it was fifteen minutes since I called Connor, he should be here soon.  I touched Mike’s arm and informed him I was going to the Gents, and that’s where I’ve been sat for the last five minutes waiting for Connor to call. 


Unlocking the door, I walked out.   

“I thought you were going to ring when you got outside?  How the hell did you get in here?  They’re only supposed to let members in, shite security system if you got past it.  Come on let’s get out of here before I’m missed.” 

Not waiting for his answer I walked towards the door, and was surprised when Connor grabbed my arm and turned me around to look at him.   

“Not so fast, buddy boy.  Is there someone in there waiting for you?” he indicated with his head. 

I stared at him, what if there was? He was just the lift home, for Gods sake, not the voice of my bloody conscience. 

“Nah, don’t worry.  He’ll cotton on eventually.” I shrugged, “Come on, you can stop at the chip shop on the way home, I’m starving.” 

Oooh no you don’t.  Now listen here, Sunshine.  You’re not just leaving the guy wondering where the hell you are.  It’s bad manners if nothing else.  Get your arse in there and tell him you’re sorry, you made a mistake and are now leaving.” 

“No way, I’m outta here.” I shook my head in disbelief. “What the hell does it matter anyway?  It’s not as if I’m ever going to see him again.” 

Connor’s face had taken on a funny expression, his features had sharpened and his eyes narrowed slightly. 

“It matters because you were invited here as his guest.  And you are going to use some of the manners your parents taught you as a child.  You will apologise and say goodbye.” 

“Fuck Off.”  The words were out of my mouth before I’d really given them any thought.  I turned once again towards the door and stopped abruptly as Connor grabbed hold of my ear. Ouch, that bloody hurt; it’s attached to my head for God’s sake.  Pulling my head closer to his, he whispered in my ear. 

You will go back in there and do as you’re bloody well told, even if I have to drag you in by the ear, capeesh.”  With that he loosed go of my ear and pushed me towards the door.   

Bloody hell, what’s got into him!  He’s usually really laid back. I’ve got to be honest, he’d surprised me; he’d never spoken to me like that before. 

“OK, OK, keep your shirt on, I’m going.”   

And that’s exactly what I did, much to my surprise.  I apologised to Mike, who took it very well I have to say - maybe he really is a nice guy -  and walked back to where Connor was watching.  He still looked really pissed off – probably because I’d made him come out and pick me up, dragged him away from some book. 

So into the car we get and set off home.  Me making small talk, Connor answering in one word syllables, so I’m guessing that yes, he’s still pissed off at me.  We sailed right passed the chip shop.  

“Hey, you were going to stop for chips, I’m starving you know” 

We are going home; there are a few things we need to discuss – your safety being top of the list for a start.” 

That floored me for a few seconds, anyone would think he cared, but I rallied a response, 

“Oh, for Gods sake, Connor, you’re my flatmate not my mother.  I’m old enough to look after myself, thank you very much.” 

“And that’s why you called me out at 11.30 at night, is it?  Don’t blame me if I disagree with you on that one – you’re a loose cannon Alex, and I for one am bloody well fed up with getting you out of the situations you find yourself in.”  

That stung a bit - I’m not that bad.  Anyway friends were supposed to help you out in times of trouble. He carried on: 

“Especially as you never seem to learn from your mistakes.  Well that’s all about to change.  You involved me in this, so now I’m going to do something about it.  You can shut up and sit quietly until we get home.” 

Get him, who died and made him King?  But I shut up and just sat there in silence – sulking I suppose and feeling a little hard done by.  I hadn’t meant to involve him, it was just that he was always there, kind of reliable. Know what I mean? 

Once back in the flat, I muttered a sulky goodnight and made my way to my bedroom.  Not that I got very far 
mind.  Connor grabbed hold of the back of my T-shirt and yanked me into the living room. 

“Oh no you don’t.  You went to that club for a smacked arse and that’s exactly what you’re going to get.”  How the Bloody Hell did he know that – I told him in the car that I didn’t know it was that sort of place.  He just ‘Huh-ed’ in response.  Now Big Alex might have been horrified by his words but unfortunately little Alex, who was growing by the minute, certainly wasn’t.   I wished for the second time that evening that my trousers weren’t quite so tight. 

Pulling out one of the dining chairs from the corner of the room, Connor sat down and glared at me. 

“Come on, I don’t like to be kept waiting.  Get over here and take your trousers down.” 

I looked at him like a deer caught in the headlights of the car.  My stomach was doing somersaults.  Part of me, and I’ll let you draw your own conclusions on which part, was immensely turned on by his words.  The other part of me was acutely embarrassed by the whole situation.  He was my flatmate for God’s sake; I had to live with him after this.  OK, he’d probably seen a hell of a lot of me after twelve months of sharing an abode.  I’m certainly not afraid to show off my body – I’m quite proud of it in fact.  I’m not quite the male version of Erica Roe, but I’ve been known to wander around occasionally with no clothes on, usually out of the bathroom and into the bedroom. 

I’m hardly likely to just pull my trouser down and drape myself across his lap, now am I – would you? 

Yes?....Well – you’ve a few kinks of your own then!  

“Come on, Connor, stop pissing about.  It’s not funny.”  I’m embarrassed to admit this, but my voice did have a very slight whine to it.” 

“Oh, believe me, Alexander, I’m not pissing about.  You’d have been a hell of a lot closer to the mark if you’d have mentioned pissed off.”  He started to rise from the chair. 

“You wanted a smacked arse, and believe me – I really want to give you one.” 

OK, now it was getting weird.  He’d never behaved like this before.  He’s always been very laid back in fact - I can’t ever recall him losing his temper, let alone start to order me about.  Not even when I left the iron on and set the ironing board on fire after going to answer the phone.  It had scared the hell out of me at the time – he’d been really nice about it – he’d given me a hug, which I’d liked by the way.  It’s not every day a good looking guy gives you a hug. 

So there seemed to be only one course of action left to me – that’s right – I made a run for my bedroom. 

Now neither of us are particularly big guys, I’d say we were pretty much the same build; he’s just a bit taller that’s all.  So by rights, I should have been able to make it to my own room, lock the door and wait until whatever alien was currently possessing Connor to get fed up and bugger off home.  Didn’t quite happen like that I’m afraid to say.  I made it to my room, even started to shut the door, when all of a sudden he seemed to have a wee bit more strength than me.  He pushed the door back, reached round with his hand and grabbed my ear again, pulling me with him as he made his way back towards the living room.  

He had a pretty pissed off expression on his face as well.   

“Get back in that room, get your trousers down and face the wall, and I don’t want to hear another word.   
You’d be very well advised to do as you’re bloody well told for once, if you’re planning on sitting comfortably anytime within the next week, that is.”   

Pushing me forward slightly by my ear, he loosed it go and the same hand proceeded to back up his generally pissed off mood by making its presence know by connecting with the seat of my trousers.  OK, I’ll admit I didn’t really feel anything through the leather - all it really did was propel me forward, but I wasn’t taking any more chances.  I moved, and bloody quickly too. 

I scurried into the front room and headed towards the far corner, the one with nothing in.  I glanced briefly behind me but Connor hadn’t followed.  OK, so did I make a run for it again or do as he had said.  Mmm, bit tricky that one – well, I’ll admit I did kinda want a smacked arse – I’d been fantasising about it for bloody ages after all, but it felt weird that Connor was going to be the one giving it me.  I still had to live with him after this you know – it could get messy.  Unfortunately Little Alex totally over ruled Big Alex when it came to decision time.  Yes, OK, I’m a prisoner to my hormones – what can I say, I’m male, and a gay male at that – so was Connor, of course – I could always find a new flatmate, I might never get such a good chance at getting my arse smacked.  I undid my trousers and pulled them a little way down.  Just at the back mind, so that my arse was showing a bit. 

I stood in the corner feeling a complete idiot with my stomach trying to jump out of my mouth and my cock fighting its way out of my trousers.  I suppose the best way to describe it would be as a funny feeling, half way between embarrassment, fear and so unbelievably horny that it was starting to get uncomfortable. 
I heard Connor walk back in, and turned my head round to look at him.  Bloody hell, he was carrying a slipper!  And not just an ordinary slipper but a massive, gi-normous, slipper – at least a size 14.  OK, bit of an exaggeration.  But it must have been a size 11 and as he’s only a size 9, he couldn’t have brought it to wear.  You know the saying ‘the penny suddenly dropped’– well my penny is now well and truely in place.  The kinky sod – no wonder he didn’t have a problem getting in that club, he must be known to the door staff.  Although I have to say I don’t think he’s feeling particularly kinky at the moment – far from it.  I’m picking up the impression that he’s well pissed off with me and by the looks of it he’s keen to transfer that impression to my bum. 
He walked back to the chair, sat down and reaching over slightly, put the slipper on the sofa.  Looking at me, he beckoned with his finger. 

“YOU, come here” 

I swallowed and holding on to the front of my trousers, tottered nervously over to him. 

“Look Connor, I’m not sure about this, I’m…” 

That was about as far as I got before he’d grabbed hold of my trousers and yanked them down to my knees.  His hand then grabbed my arm and pulled.  The trousers-round-knees meant that I couldn’t really move very well, so I landed with an ‘oomph’ across his lap, my face looking at the carpet.  The thought that it needed a hoover did briefly cross my mind.  Very briefly.  It was quickly replaced by ‘Oooooh shit, that fecking hurts as his hand powered four times onto the cheeks’ of my arse.   

“Well, I’m very sure about it, and by the end of this so will you be.” 

Pushing his arm across my back to stop me from struggling, his right hand continued to make its presence felt - and I didn’t like it.  I didn’t like it one bit.  There was nothing at all nice about it – it certainly wasn’t the stuff my dreams were made of I can tell you.  And I told Connor so as well.  Not that the bastard listened to me – he just seemed to be putting all his efforts into turning my backside into a beacon and at this rate, it would be able to light up the night sky.  OK, when all else fails – beg. 

“I’m sorry…I’m sorry…AAH… bollocks… For fuck sakes Connor…. I’M SOOORRY.” 

My voice had risen by a few decibels and at last, a hell of a lot later I will add, he stopped walloping me.  I in turn, stopped bucking like a bronco and lay limp across his lap, breathing deeply.  My trousers had moved further down my legs and were gathered around my ankles. Jesus Chris, it wasn’t meant to sting and burn like that.  Little Alex wasn’t very happy about it either, he’d gone into hiding.  I tried to push myself up but Conner stopped me. 

“Did I tell you to get up?” *Smack* “NO, I didn’t.” *Smack*  “We’ve only just started – that was just the warm up.” 

Warm up? I was bloody boiling. 

“I doooon’t want any more.” 

It was meant to come out assertively; unfortunately it sounded more like a whine. 

Connor helped me to my feet and I floundered as my trousers acted as a constraint – if he hadn’t still got hold of my arm, I’d have fallen flat on my face.  I glared at him. 

“I’d get rid of that expression if I was you; you’re in enough trouble already.  You better remove those trousers as well before you land on your arse – I’ve not finished with you yet”   

I obviously didn’t move quickly enough for him, because he turned me slightly and slapped the top of my legs. 


OK, I might be many things, but stupid isn’t one of them.  I hastily removed my shoes and trousers.  I just stood there in my t-shirt and socks, my hands covering my embarrassment – it was at that moment that I really wished I put some briefs on. 

Connoor, I don’t like it.” 

He changed slightly then, he looked more like his old self. 

“No, I don’t suppose you do.  Do you have any idea what trouble you could have ended up in? Do you?  Did you really give your safety any thought before you got in that guy’s car?” 

Well no, I don’t suppose I did.  I checked him out at the pub and he seemed OK.  I took it for granted that he’d drive me to the club – I’d been very naive in my haste to get what I wanted.  Unfortunately that was the exact moment a tear rolled down my cheek.  Connor let out a deep sigh. 

“Come here, Lexi.”  I like it when he calls me that, he does occasionally – it always makes my stomach flip.  It suddenly dawned on me I liked it even more when he said it and I was sat on his lap.  The burn in my backside had changed to a lower degree heat – quite nice actually, I wiggled slightly, testing it out.  Little Alex thought it was quite pleasant too. I could get used to this.  Maybe I wouldn’t have any problems sharing the flat with him after all, it could be beneficial all round. What’s a kink or two between friends? 

He pushed my fringe out of my eyes and I gave an experimental sniff. 

Oh, no, that’s not going to work.  We’ve still got some unfinished business to attend to.” 

I pouted slightly and he lent forward and gently nipped my lip with his teeth.  Holding my face between his hands, he lowered his head and kissed me.  Now this was the sort of unfinished business I liked.  Deepening the kiss his hand started to explore my body.  OH yesssss… just there…like that.  That’s the thing with blokes, they know what you like; they like it themselves after all.  Then he stopped, can you believe it? – I just getting really into it and he stops. 

Noooooo – don’t stop.” 

He grinned at me. 

“Yes, I got the impression you were enjoying yourself.” 

The grin disappeared and was just as quickly replaced by a altogether more serious expression. 

“Unfortunately, I haven’t finished with you yet.  I told you I was going to smack your arse, and as you know already I’m a man of my word.” 

With that he pushed me off his lap.  I did try to make a break for the door again, but he was way too quick for me and grabbed my t-shirt. 

“And where pray, do you think you’re off to?” 

With the easy of someone who has done this sort of thing before – well there’s a surprise - he had me face down across his thighs. The bastard even spent a few moments putting me in the position he wanted, spreading my legs slightly.  Reaching over he picked the slipper up off the sofa. 

“Let’s see if I can make an impression on you, shall we?” 

“There’s no need, I’m impressed, honestly, really, really, impressed.”   

Connor laughed, a deep rich laugh and I thought that he might just have changed his mind.  No such luck, the slipper landed with a snap in the centre of my backside.  The sting blossomed and then slowly began to fade, not unpleasant.  That soon changed, the sod set about relighting the fire he had previously stoked. Each blow in a slightly different place, a small break between each strike, just long enough for me to register the sting.  Slowly he began to build up the pace and I let out a whimper and tried to reach behind me.  Connor just grabbed my hand and pushed it into the small of my back. 

“Getting through to you, am I?  Good, next time you risk your safety you’ll remember this.” 

This time he changed the pattern, concentrating on one area until I started to wiggle.  I desperately wanted him to move the slipper to another part of my backside, but when he did it offered me no comfort.  The heat was building up along with the sting and I pushed with my feet to try to shoot forward off his lap.  I moved an inch at the most; the only thing I achieved was to make him wallop me harder.  He was totally ignoring the ‘ooow’s’,’aaaah’s’ and yelps I was making. 

“Please…please…AAAH… Cooonnor…..FUCK.” 

My body was bucking as if an electrical charge was running through it, and still the bastard carried on, it felt like he’d been walloping me for hours without any let up.  I felt my throat start to thicken and tried to swallow a sob.  God only knows why I thought a spanking could be erotic – I was writhing alright, but it wasn’t from pleasure. Then the sob broke through and a couple of tears started to trickle down my face.  I had no control over them; the only thing I could think about was the furnace that used to be my backside.  I didn’t notice immediately when he stopped spanking me, all I could think about was the pain.  I pulled away from him when he helped me up – I wasn’t feeling particularly well disposed towards him at that moment in time. 
“Yoou…you…bastard.”  The words came out between hiccupping breaths. 

“You had better watch your language or I might start to think you haven’t learnt your lesson.” 

Connor pulled me towards him and I automatically buried my head in his chest for a few minutes before I muttered: 

“I don’t like you.” It was a statement, but not one that I expected a response to. 

He chuckled and his hand ghosted over my backside. I shivered. 

“That’s a shame, because I like you.  I like you a lot.  Do you want me to show you how much I like you?” 

Well…I suppose that would be OK.  Little Alex, who had just risen his head again was interested at any rate.  I sniffed. 

“S’pose so…but you had better like me an awful lot after what you just did.” 

“Oh, don’t worry about that Lexi. I think I can convince you.  Bedroom.  NOW.”

 And about bloody time too!

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