What exactly is a scallywag.

What exactly is a scallywag.
I'll go along with that.

The Right Connection.

Good Grief, there’s no actual spanking in this story.  Whatever is the world coming to!

Daniel sat looking at the blinking message on the screen in front of him as if in a daze while all sorts of questions bull-dozered through his mind.

Would he do it?  Should he do it?  What if it all went wrong again? 

He wasn’t particularly worried about the dangers of what he was contemplating; he was more worried about the disappointment he would feel if it didn’t live up to his expectations. 

He’d had a fair amount of experience at meeting men through the chat sites that he subscribed to; men who shared his particular taste, whether it be from his side of the fence or from the other.  When he first joined, he had been mildly surprised at the number of people who did like it, let alone be willing to meet with perfect strangers and share their hobby with them. 

Daniel liked spanking, as simple as that. Well, he liked being spanked to be more precise; to be extremely precise, he loved it.  The thought of being bent over the back of a chair or of being laid across a pair of strong knees would bring a secret smile to his lips and would send him off into a day-dream.  It had been an erotic fantasy of his for as long as he could remember and as soon as he acquired the confidence and the legal age to act on it, he frequently indulged. 

His problem came from the fact that he didn’t have a steady partner so he would contact Tops through the web sites that were dedicated to this and after a getting-to-know you process, would arrange a meeting for the mutual satisfaction of both.  Only it never really was. 

Oh yes, Daniel got his walloping, no problem with that, the problem was with the lead up to it . . . how was it that he seemed to pick out men who came across as very toppy Tops on screen when they had plenty of time to think of what to say but had problems getting the attitude across when it came down to a live performance?  Perhaps he was being too fussy, but what he wanted was someone who could play Top from the word go, someone who wore his Top personality from the minute he stepped through the door, not be Mr Nice & Normal Guy and then put it on like a costume after saying ‘shall we start then’.  It spoiled the effect somehow. 

Actually that wasn’t quite true.  It wasn’t that he wanted someone who played like that the whole night; it was more a case of wanting to find someone who was intelligent enough to recognise when he wanted it and when he didn’t.  Someone who could see when he was in the mood and make the change into Strict Top without having to be told. 

Daniel certainly wasn’t looking for a permanent Top or for someone to decide how to run his life and take decisions for him; just someone who could slip into the role at the drop of a hat and make it appear credible while knowing that it was a scene.  Nothing permanent involved. 

He liked being scolded and told off over silly things, it was all part of the game.  He liked playing the Brat but he certainly didn’t want to be one.

And this was the problem with some of the contacts he had made; either they wanted to treat him like a permanent Brat or they didn’t know how to play the game, not the way Daniel wanted it played anyway.  There was no middle road. . . until now.  


Daniel began chatting to Justin some five months ago and so far everything looked very promising. There had been a build up of getting-to-know-you messages and emails, full of lots of what-are-you-looking-for noises, now they had settled into a rhythm of almost daily emails; some playful, and some just normal conversation.  Oddly enough, it was these last ones that un-nerved Daniel, but got him excited about the prospect of meeting Justin.

They would talk about everyday things in a vague sense; work, friends, plans for the weekend, and if Daniel mentioned some minor thing that he had done, or not done but had meant to, then Justin would jump down his throat immediately and issue dire threats of a spanking if he didn’t pull his socks up. 

The words ‘You, Sunshine, are in BIG trouble’ would send a shiver down Daniel’s back that had more than once brought enquiries of  ‘Are you coming down with something’ from his work-mates.  Yes, I’m coming down with a bad case of eagerness’ he would think to himself.  So, here he was, finally, with the message he had been waiting for while at the same time dreading.

“So, are we going to meet?”

Would it be better to stick with the online contact and carry on being Justin’s Brat just online or was it worth the risk of being disappointed?  If they met up and it wasn’t right, would he be able to go back to only online contact or would the illusion be broken?

He could carry on getting his physical thrills with other men and keep chatting to Justin in friendship but he thought there would come a point when he asked himself ‘what if’.  What if he could have it all?  What if cowardice made him miss out on something special?  On the other hand, what if he lost a friend if it went wrong? 

Because Justin was a friend now, not just a cyber hook-up.  They talked enough about all sort of things and shared much the same sense of humour and viewpoints on many things; their conversations weren’t just about spanking.  In fact they became friends pretty much from the start; almost as a side effect of the process of checking each other out. 

Yes, they each had what the other one was looking for but distance proved to be an obstacle and they had established that almost from the start.  Justin lived about as far away as it was possible to get and still stay within the British Isles – any further north and he’d be in Iceland watching the Northern Lights – and his work schedule meant that a free weekend was a rarity whereas Daniel found it hard to get free time during the week.  Somehow that knowledge had taken the pressure off of them and they had settled into a relationship of friends who teased each other occasionally. 

And when Justin teased, he did it with flair and an aptitude that went directly from Daniel’s ears straight to his lower regions with only a token pit-stop in his brain to process the words into images.  Oh Dear God, the images!  It was like the man had got inside his head and read all the little Post-it notes that detailed each and every fantasy he had ever had.

Justin would reprimand him for something and tell Daniel that he was lucky there was a distance between them because if not. . .

Daniel would ask what Justin would do if he was nearer and when he read the response, nine times out of ten his brain went into standby and processed lust as Justin took him on a journey he didn’t know was possible with only words. 

Would it work face to face though?  By email it was easy to jump from one theme to another.  If it had gone far enough or he was pressed for time, then all Daniel had to do was subtly change the subject or respond with a *whine* or two and the Justin reacted as though chastisement had been carried out and normal conversation would start again until the next time.  Obviously that would be harder for both of them to do in the flesh.

Having decided that he didn’t want to look back on missed opportunities with regret, Daniel sent his answer to Justin and they made their arrangements.

And it all went wrong.  Twice!

As Senior Vet to a country practice, Justin didn’t get a lot of opportunity to travel into town, nor a lot of free time in the evenings or the weekend.

While the domestic animals on the whole kept civilised hours, the farm animals tended to be as awkward as possible when it came to respecting the privacy and kinks of their personal medical staff. 

They didn’t much care if Justin wasn’t getting any loving, and they turned a deaf ear to his complaints to them, quiet ones said wryly to Ermintrude Jnr as he finished helping her entrance into the world, that he was beginning to think they didn’t like him.  Something that was plainly untrue because even the most cantankerous bull allowed him to push and pull them about and move them where he wanted them as and when he wanted.  He also knew which ones needed charming and which ones responded better to a show of strength and he could switch between the two approaches depending on the circumstances and the need of the animal.

Their first date went wrong when the junior vet, who had yet to learn the lesson of artful manipulation, was yanked off his feet by a 1000lb dray horse who didn’t want to go where he was being pushed and dragged the man 60 yards across the yard before he was able to disentangle his arm from the lead rein he had carelessly wrapped around it.  Not only did he have skinned knees and a torn pair of jeans to show for his inattention, he also had a severely sprained wrist which meant that Justin had to cover his shifts.

A goat ruined their second date.  A herd of them to be precise.  They had somehow picked up an infection of Bluetongue and there had been a frantic rush to find the source and keep it from spreading to any of the nearby cattle herds.  Justin was rushed off his feet but found a spare minute to text Daniel two days before the weekend and beg his forgiveness but he couldn’t, just couldn’t, get away while there was still a chance of it spreading. 

They went for third time lucky but Daniel was beginning to be a non-believer. 

Maybe this wasn’t meant to happen after all and he’d be better off taking the hint and cancelling it altogether.  He wondered if they could, at this stage, go back to being just online friends if he did duck out.  How could he explain to Justin that it wasn’t meant to be?  Would he be angry or was he thinking the same thing?  He told himself that he had up till the stop before Justin’s to make up his mind and get off the train.

On the eve of the third attempt, Daniel still wasn’t convinced that something wouldn’t go wrong.  He was half expecting a call from Justin saying that something had come up to the extent that he hadn’t even prepared a bag for the planned overnight stay.  He had clean clothes in the wardrobe and drawers, his toiletries could be packed in 5 seconds; he could be ready for the off at a moment’s notice. 

When a text message came through from Justin saying that he was so looking forward to the next day and that he would be waiting for him at the station, Daniel was surprised at how happy the call made him.  He hadn’t allowed himself to get excited, just in case, but now he couldn’t help the bubble that was building up inside his stomach.  Okay, sure, he was going to get spanked, hopefully, and that in and of itself was reason enough to get excited, but he was also excited about meeting Justin.

They chatted for a while, Daniel saying that Justin owed him a slap up meal if only to cover the cost of the cancellation fees on the train journeys and Justin agreeing readily. Before saying their goodbyes, Justin reminded Daniel of the station he needed to change at to make sure he got on the faster train service.  It would mean not having a direct journey but it would save him 45 minutes if he avoided the slow service that stopped at all the stations.   Daniel listened to the instructions he had already received by email and promised again that, yes, he would let Justin know if he missed the fast train.  Daniel surmised that Justin was getting as nervous about the event as he himself was and had to tell him to stop being a nag, they weren’t married yet.  He got called a cheeky bugger for his effort and was promised a dire retribution in the form of a sore bottom.

The thought didn’t help Daniel sleep well and he woke in the morning tired, already flustered and late.

He barely made it to the station in time and caught the train by the skin of his teeth.  Well, he hoped it was his train; he had been rushing so much so that for all he knew, he was on a nonstop to Truro and scuppering his chances completely of ever getting spanked.  The couple on the seats across the aisle looked at him askew when he asked them if he was on the northbound train to Scotland.  They nodded slowly that yes, he was and then they had discreetly moved to different seats.

Daniel felt like sticking his tongue out at them as they went but settled for putting his feet up on their seats instead. 

He had hours now to daydream about the weekend ahead.  He wasn’t expecting to fall in love, he didn’t even know if sex was going to be on the cards although he wouldn’t say no to it having seen the photos Justin had sent him.  The man was seriously buff. 

Just the thought of being picked up and put where Justin wanted him was enough to make Daniel begin to drool.  It wasn’t just the ‘being put’ somewhere that was a turn-on; it was the ‘being held there’ that tipped him over the edge.  Justin was a big man used to pushing big animals about and he could put Daniel where he wanted, for however long he wanted.

Justin had sent him a photo of himself with one of his favourite patients, a massive horse that looked like it was about to cause a ruckus and Justin calmly standing beside it, shirt off, muscles bunched and gleaming, and smiling coolly at the camera.   It was as sexy as fuck. 

The photo had been taken by the landowner the horse belonged to; she had wanted photos of the horse but none of the people who worked for her were strong enough to hold the horse in place and were getting dragged about left, right and centre.   Luckily, Justin had been in the yard dealing with a difficult birth of a favourite dog of her eight year old daughter and had been on hand to step in for the photo shoot.  

He’d been given a copy of the photo and had used it mercilessly to torment Daniel, casually mentioning that the landowner in question had told him not to bother putting his shirt back on and there was a distinct possibility that she had set her sights on him.  Daniel hated her without even knowing her name.  But he had a copy of the photo on his phone now and was apt to sneak looks at it throughout the day.  No one man really had the right to look so sexy in just a pair of jeans and rubber boots with farmyard gunk all over them. 

Images of bales of hay and five-bar gates and being bent over both of them came to mind and kept Daniel blissfully occupied for the next forty-five minutes.

The train journey was passing quicker than he imagined it would.  There were a lot of stops as it was a slow train north and was meant for local use more than long distance commuters but it was a pleasant, relaxing journey with stunning scenery to keep him occupied. 

To get the faster train, Daniel would have had to travel backwards first, retreating to the bigger town further south from where he lived and then come back on himself but it would have meant getting up practically five minutes after going to bed and he’d had a hard few days, working overtime in the office to get all his work cleared away so he could take this day off. 

He didn’t do it often but a Friday added to the weekend meant that he and Justin would have time to really get to know each other and play.  He had two mails to send via his phone but he’d do that after the plastic sandwich he’d bought at the station and then he was home free for the next forty-eight hours.

He ate his sandwich and drank the tepid tea bought from a snack trolley that had trundled in from the next carriage or from 1961, he couldn’t tell which, and settled down to rattle off the two responses he needed to send about an up-coming merger the bank he worked for was handling.

After that, he looked at the photo of Justin one more time, then sat back and relaxed and watched as the fields and distant hills rolled by and lulled him into more daydreams.

He jerked upright with a jolt as the train passed over an iron bridge that clattered and clanged and made him sit up quickly.  Had he fallen asleep?  No, he couldn’t have done; he’d closed his eyes to help the mental images he was enjoying, that was all. 

His eyes darted to the window and the scenery beyond.  Was the sun in a different place?  Was he looking at the same countryside?  Who knew . . . a field was a field was a field.  It was all green and looked much the same to Daniel.  Even if he knew how to tell the time by the position of the sun in the sky, today it would be pointless as the sky was now covered completely with grey clouds.  Okay, that in itself sort of indicated that he’d had more than a 40 wink nap – the sun had most definitely been out the last time he’d checked the view.

He looked at his wristwatch.  Jesus Christ Almighty, over two hours had gone by.  How the hell had he slept that long!  He scrubbed his hands over his face and tried to make himself alert.  Right then, the next thing was he needed to know where he was. 

A quick glance round the carriage showed him that he was the only one left, even the suspicious couple had got off – unless they’d moved even further away from him once he was asleep.  All he could see were trees and skylines and mountains and cows, not a town or village or, more importantly, a train station, in sight. 

Where the hell was he?  He stood up and looked around, desperation taking a hold of him.  What time was he meant to change for the fast train?  He couldn’t remember.  What was the name of the station he had to change at?  He couldn’t remember that either. 

He knew there were two, Something East and Something South but only one of them had a connecting platform to the fast train.  Okay, don’t panic, he cautioned himself.  All he had to do was look at the messages from Justin and he’d have all the information he needed.  He fished his phone from the pocket of his jacket and flipped it open.  Nothing!  He closed it and opened it again.  Still nothing.  What the fu. . .  Oh, please God, please don’t say he had no battery left.  He must have, it wasn’t anywhere near to empty when he’d sent the mails earlier on.  Well, okay, it might have been under half empty, but that should be enough to last the rest of the afternoon if he wasn’t using it and running it down. 

Had he exited all the aps he’d been using after sending the mails?  He’d taken some photos, played a few games, wasted some time exploring all those things that come installed and are never used.  Wasted his battery as well by the look of things.  He guessed as he was forced to admit that no amount of button pressing was going to bring it back to life.

He noticed a change in the motion of the train – they were slowing down!   He hurriedly collected his jacket and his holdall and peered through the window, straining to catch a glimpse of a name and hoping that it would light a fire in his memory.

He got a fleeting glance as the train pulled in . . . Inbhir Mhoireastain?  What the hell sort of name was that and how was he supposed to know what it really was?  Why would they put the names in Gaelic?  His inner contrary side responded that if he was a local, he would know what it was.  The only answer to that was that if he were a local he wouldn’t need the name of the station because he would have recognised the clump of bushes they had passed pulling into the station.  And each field was so distinctive to each other it would be hard not to know where he was.  Yeah.  Right.  He ran to the door before the train full stopped and kept his fingers crossed that this was the stop that he needed or that there was someone on the platform to ask.

There wasn’t a man with a railway timetable and list of stations in his hand . . . what there was, was a little old lady in tweed and sensible brogues picking up a small old fashioned suitcase and girding her loins to jump, or scramble, aboard.  Before she could do so, Daniel garbled a question at her over whether this was the station where he could change for the fast train.  He had to say it twice, at high speed, because she seemed to be flustered at being asked questions as she was trying to board the train. She looked at him intently, pulled herself into the carriage and without a care in the world handed her suitcase to him to bring along behind her as she ambled into the middle of the carriage and sat down. 

Daniel cast a frantic look outside onto the platform to see if there was anyone less . . . deranged . . . in the vicinity but it was him and Miss Marple as far as he could tell.

She called to him to come along and sit down but to please put her case somewhere out of the way so people didn’t trip over it.  Who she thought was going to trip over it he had no idea but he acquiesced to her request and tried once more to ask about connecting trains.  He was told that ‘Och no’ and ‘three stations ago’ and ‘missed it’ and ‘never ye mind’ and ‘time for a nice wee chat’ and ‘sit yourself down’ and offered a boiled sweet from a handbag that was almost the same size as his holdall.

From there he was grilled about where he was going and what station he should be getting off at and was assured that she wouldn’t let him get lost again, that he was safe with her.  He thought for a second of trying to explain that he hadn’t exactly been lost in the first place but wasn’t given the chance.   She spent the next three stations explaining to him all that he should have done and how he was now going to arrive at least forty minutes after the fast train would have arrived and that she hoped no one would be waiting to meet him out in this cold weather . . .?   

It was a skilled interrogation.  Subtle but effective.  He explained he was going to visit a friend, nothing more and resisted all urges to blurt out more details when she left enticing spaces for him to fill.  He knew what she was up to and more to the point, she knew that he knew but they were both enjoying the battle and instead of worrying about arriving late, Daniel found himself enjoying her company.

“Aye well, that’s a shame.  I felt for sure you were on your way to see a lassie.  You have the look of love about you. . .?”

“No, just a friend.”  He replied truthfully but with a smile on his lips.

“Well, never mind,” she commiserated.  “I’m sure you’ll have fun anyway.”  And with that she patted his knee in a show of sympathy.

Daniel almost snorted with laughter as he took in the twinkle in her eyes.

True to her word, she organised his descent at the correct station as if he wasn’t twenty-eight years old and a competent adult, and she waved farewell as the train moved on and which he happily returned.  He was still smiling as he turned to survey the station.  It was small and it was quaint and it might as well be closed for all the activity he could see.

What he couldn’t see was a big strapping man waiting for him.  Happily or unhappily – in this wind he would have been glad for either as long as it didn’t mean having to freeze his nuts off.  Taking a firmer hold of his bag, he made a quick dash for the small room that served as a ticket office and a waiting room all in one and sighed in pleasure at getting into the warmth. 

Where the hell was Justin?  Had he been stood up?  He needed to check his phone and in order to do that he needed his charger.  And a wall socket.  Why was there no wall socket?  What sort of room didn’t have a wall socket?  The only one he could see was locked away behind the iron grill that separated the waiting room from the ticket office.  There wasn’t even anyone there he could ask.

He spied another one eventually about six feet high behind an old, very pre-digital television sitting on a shelf on the far wall of the waiting room.

Daniel unzipped his holdall and rummaged through it for the charger and was starting to enter a state of panic when his hand finally caught hold of the prongs of the plug and he pulled it out.  He couldn’t quite reach the socket enough to unplug the telly to put his phone in its place so he had to fetch the one of the wooden chairs.

He dragged it over, muttering under his breath about ‘this better all be worth it’ and balanced precariously on it while he struggled to pull out the plug that seemed to be held in place by dust and grime.  Once he had managed it, he quickly plugged his charger in and connected the phone. 

There was nothing to balance the phone on while it charged and he didn’t really have time to leave it there for a full charge anyway - all he wanted was enough battery to check his messages and maybe send one to Justin about being abandoned and not happy with it.  As he twisted the screen to see if anything was happening, the door behind him banged open and a deep voice rang out.

“If you’re thinking of stealing the telly, it hasn’t worked for three years now.  I wouldn’t bother if I were you.”

Daniel swivelled round so fast that he almost lost his footing and as he teetered, the man strode across the room and grabbed him to hold him steady.  Daniel looked down into the warm hazel coloured eyes and quietly simpered.

“I wasn’t stealing the telly.”  As a defence it sounded a bit weak even to his own ears and he knew he wasn’t stealing the telly.

“That’s not what it looks like.  Maybe we should call in the police and have them interrogate you.  A bit of torture might loosen your tongue. . . ?”

‘Oh, he was good,’ thought Daniel.

“Well, I do like a man in uniform; it has to be said. . .”  Daniel still had one hand stretched up to the connected phone, which had started to ‘ping’ at an alarming rate telling him that he was getting missed call alerts and messages, and one hand gripping the shoulder currently at his waist level.  A shoulder that he could almost envisage himself being thrown over.  He couldn’t stop the shiver that ran through him and the gleam in Justin’s eyes told him that he knew.

“Oh, do you now.  I thought your thing was jeans and mucky boots – that’s what you told me.”

“Well, I may be just a tad avaricious.”

“Oh, long words, is it?  Think you can bamboozle a poor country lad like me with your city ways, do you?”

Daniel knew that Justin originally came from a bigger city than he himself had ever lived in so was confident that this was all part of the game.

Daniel shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly and tried his best to look guiltless of such an accusation and then totally ruined it by throwing a sly sideways glance at Justin from under his lowered eyes.

“Did you just bat your eyelashes at me. . . ?” asked Justin in laughing disbelief.

Daniel shrieked his denial loudly and then admitted that, okay, maybe just a little.

“Come on, down you come, horror.” Justin took a firmer hold and swung him down from the chair with ease.  He then reached up to unplug the phone and plug the television back in. 

‘Of course, he doesn’t need the chair to reach’ thought Daniel as he relived the two to three seconds that he had been airborne and how it had felt to be under someone else’s control.  Fabulous!

He was brought out of his reverie by Justin asking him a question.

“Ready?  Let’s go then and in the car you can explain why you weren’t on the fast train and why you didn’t answer my calls or messages and why I’ve been driving around the countryside like a maniac for the last half an hour.” 

Justin had grabbed Daniel’s holdall and already tucked the charger cable inside it and then handed the still beeping phone to Daniel, only for him to smile weakly.

“Oh well, that’s kind of a funny story. . .”

“I’m sure it will be.  Let me guess.  You missed the other station because you were daydreaming about getting a hot bottom and then your phone was out of battery because you forgot to charge it last night?”

Daniel’s brain flicked its lust button on to high as Justin continued to speak to him in a tone that Daniel could only describe as full of menace.

You, Sunshine are in BIG trouble.”

Daniel all but melted right there in the station waiting room.

“That’s two wallopings you’re due at the very least.  We may have to add another one for attempted theft.  Does that sound fair to you. . .?”

Daniel went along with it and let out a whine to go with his “No, not really”.

“Good, we’ll add something extra for sulking.  Come along, before you earn yourself some more.”

Daniel thought to himself that he would be very surprised if he hadn’t added to the total at some point over the weekend.  He may have to slip a few things into their conversations to give Justin material to work with – hey, even a pretend brat has responsibilities.  Putting his feet up on train seats?  Taking sweets from strange old ladies?  Oh, yes, he was sure Justin could do something with those.

He turned limpid pleading eyes to Justin as he was manhandled out of the waiting room and towards a battered jeep that held no promise of any kind of working heating system.

“You’re not going to call the authorities on me, are you?”  The tone was impossibly innocent, so much so that anyone hearing it would have suspected instantly that villainy was afoot.

Justin sardonically raised an eyebrow.

“Oh, I’m all the authority you need this weekend.”

Daniel simpered out loud this time.


As he settled, somewhat gingerly, into his seat, Daniel cast his mind back over the weekend and could not help the private smile that crept into the corner of his mouth. 

The spankings had been invigorating.  And intense.  And numerous.

The knowledge that sitting down for the next day or two was going to be slightly more than uncomfortable was thrilling and dismaying at the same time.  Did he really, really want a repeat performance of that? 

Oh, who was he kidding . . .  of course he did.  He may have protested and kicked his legs and even tried to run away – only once, admittedly – but every second of it had been fantastic.  That was just the spankings, if he thought about the sex he was in danger of going pop.

Daniel had got his first spanking the minute they arrived at the flat Justin occupied behind the Vet’s centre.  He couldn’t remember now if it had been for missing the train or for having his phone off – he did recall being scolded for whatever it was in the preamble to the main event, but his brain more or less shut down at that point and it was all a bit of a blur – and he had found himself bent over the back of a very high backed sofa with his trousers round his ankles and getting an introduction to Justin’s idea of ‘What happens to boys who don’t have good manners’ or somesuch.

When he was finally released he had been blue in the face and blazing red in the behind and while one part of him was happy, another part of him had been a bit in awe of Justin’s prowess.  Who on earth had he been practising on out here in the wilderness!  Daniel concluded that he must watch a lot of porn.

He’d had time to enjoy the heat in his bottom when Justin took him out for a meal in the evening after a bumpy - and painful - guided tour of the area in the rickety jeep.  Daniel swore than Justin found every pothole he could in order to punish Daniel’s backside even more.   The meal had been good; the hard chairs not so much. 

They’d had a good time, laughing and chatting as if they’d known each other for ages and with innuendos flying. 

Justin was officially off duty until Sunday morning; he’d more or less blackmailed his subordinate although it was understood that Rob – the junior vet – could call on him in an emergency.  Daniel had asked whether Rob knew that he, Daniel, was there and was told that yes, he did, and that seeing as Rob’s slip-up and strained wrist had been the cause of their first cancellation, he’d kind of been obliged to volunteer for double shift this weekend. 

When asked if he knew why he was there, Justin had retorted with ‘What, does he know you’ve come to get your bottom smacked?  No, I didn’t tell him that much about you’ and was pinched on the arm for his mockery.  Daniel recalled Justin’s explanation.

“Okay, okay, enough.  Sorry.  You meant, does he know that I’m gay and that my visitor is as well?  Well, he knows about me but I didn’t enlighten him about you.  It’s not his business and he doesn’t need to know.  And no, before you ask, he doesn’t have a problem with me being gay.  He says that I’m a boon to his love life as well as being good for business.”
“How so?”

“He claims that the business has increased tenfold with local single women coming in to see me with a spate of ‘sick cats’ who are in fact in prime health and that when I knock back their personal advances, he’s there to offer a sympathetic shoulder.  He’s happy.  So am I.”

It had been carefree, fun and exciting.  They’d skipped sweet in preference to getting back to Justin’s flat where Daniel had been promised something much more to his liking.  His second spanking of the evening had morphed into so much more than just a spanking. 

Justin was very passionate in bed, and he had as much skill in it as he had in bending someone over the edge of it.  But he hadn’t been grabby, not with the sex.  He hadn’t assumed that because Daniel was gung-ho for a spanking that he would say yes to anything more intimate. 

In fact, he’d made it plain when they first reached the purpose built apartment attached to the surgery that there was a spare bedroom and had even placed Daniel’s bag there first thing.    But the second spanking had been rigorous and exactly how Daniel had wished it, so much so that Daniel’s eyes had filled and Justin had moved to kiss the wetness away when he saw it. 

It had taken Daniel some time to convince Justin that he hadn’t been too harsh; that any emotion he was feeling was through a sense of rightness and delight at how things had worked out between them so far.  He’d stumbled over an explanation of the worries he’d had previously, trying to make light of it and not wanting to ruin the evening with heavy conversations but Justin had shushed him and told him he understood and took him in his arms to offer comfort and say he had felt the same way. 

And things had gone on very nicely from there and the spare room had remained empty for both nights of his visit.

Justin had had to leave him at the station by himself that morning as he was back on duty morning and had been called out already.  He’d barely had time to give Daniel a top-up going away walloping but he’d made up for the lack of time by using a piece of heavy leather horse strapping that he’d found at a yard and had rescued as it was on the point of being thrown out because it had been cut and was of no use. 

Justin found a use for it all right and he’d said that he would keep it in his flat and look at it often and remember the marks that it had created on Daniel’s bottom. 

Daniel cursed him for that description and hoped that holding his bag in front of him would disguise his arousal.  Justin just laughed, gave him a quick kiss and a quick squeeze where he most felt it, then ran out of the station and back to the jeep.

Daniel was so carried away with reliving the erotic scenes that had played out over the weekend in Justin’s flat that he didn’t even notice that the train had started moving, let alone the fact that his phone had started to chirp at him in ever increasing tones, showing that it had been trying to get his attention for a while.

Not really in a mood to come back down to earth, he nonetheless dragged his mind away from its happy memory and then dragged his phone out of his jacket pocket.  It was a message from Justin.

“Have a good trip back. See you soon. Message sent at 10.45.  If no reply received by 11.00, then your phone is off and you know what to expect next time.”

Daniel brought up the details of the message – Message received: 10.47 and quickly checked his watch. 10:58:03. Christ, he just had enough time to reply. 

In his hurry, instead of pressing the Reply button, he hit the Power Down and he watched in dismay as his screen faded to black and a virtual hand waved goodbye to him.  He had thought the app quite funny when he loaded it on his phone last year but now he saw it as an omen of a hand moving towards his backside, quite fast.  Cosmic prophecy? 

He scrambled to power the phone back up, cursing its slowness and then laughing at himself for trying not to be on the receiving end of a spanking. 

Once powered up, he opened the message from Justin and quickly wrote ‘C U soon x’ as a response knowing that the text speak would miff Justin who was a stickler and always wrote his messages out in full.  Instead of immediately pressing the Send button, his hand went into cahoots with his libido and hovered over it and stayed there. 

Daniel watching the second hand tick closer to time.

Fifty-five . . fifty six . . fifty-seven . . fifty-eight . . fifty-nine . .

Eleven am.

He still watched the time as it ticked away and sealed his fate.

Oh-one . .

Oh-two . .

Oh-three . .

Oh-four . .

Oh-five . .

Yup, just enough cheek.

With a sly smile, Daniel pressed Send, purposely put his feet up on the seat opposite and settled back to await the reply.


  1. Enjoyed all the stories - hope you intend to continue. I have missed your stories.

  2. Thanks for the comment and glad you enjoyed the new stories.



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