What exactly is a scallywag.

What exactly is a scallywag.
I'll go along with that.

Part 4

"Hi, I'm home." Mark shouted as he entered the house.

"Upstairs, just getting changed," Greg's voice sounded from the bedroom.

Mark quickly walked through the house and out into the back garden, opening the side gate he indicated to Jay to come through. The pair walked quietly back into the house and through the door into the garage. The garage was currently housing some furniture that Greg had agreed to store for a friend; furniture and boxes were stacked where the car should have been. Mark flicked on the light switch.

"You'll be OK here until he's left for the club, but for God's sake, keep quiet."  

Mark's face had taken on a worried expression and Jay was beginning to have second thoughts about asking for his help.

"No problem, I'll sit in this chair," said Jay walking towards an armchair over by the far wall, "just don't say anything to Greg, alright?"
Nodding his agreement, Mark walked back into the kitchen, closed the door to the garage and stood for a few minutes, wondering what to do next.

"You're looking thoughtful, penny for them." Greg entered the room and, pulling Mark into his arms, lowered his head for a brief kiss.

"Just thinking about that assignment I need to finish, I can't seem to get motivated," Mark replied with a brief smile. "I thought I'd have a go at it this evening."

"OK, don't work too hard, I shouldn't be too late tonight, James has offered to lock up." Greg pulled Mark slightly closer for one last kiss, his lips more demanding. Lifting his head he smiled, "I'll see you later." Picking up his car keys from the work surface he left the room.

Mark walked into the living room and looked out of the window. He watched as Greg reversed off the drive and raised his hand to wave goodbye. He noticed that the wind had dropped, leaves lay motionless in the gutter of the road. He'd heard on the news earlier that they were forecasting a frost tonight.

As soon as the car was out of sight, he turned and quickly walked back to the door leading to the garage. Opening it and walking inside he looked over at Jay, who was now fast asleep in the armchair. Mark let out a deep sigh, he wasn't at all sure he was doing the right thing. Greg was not the best person to lie to and more importantly, he had genuine concerns for his friend's health.

Looking over at Jay he noticed a slight grey tinge to his face. Jay wasn't a particularly big person, but it was obvious that he had lost weight. Deciding to leave his friend sleeping while he made them something to eat, he returned to the kitchen and started to look through the cupboards.


"So you haven't heard from him either?" James questioned Greg. "I asked at the flat next to his, but the girl said she hadn't seen him in days. Apparently there'd been a Policeman knocking on his door earlier."

"I'm sure he's fine, look, if it will make you any happier I'll ring Mark and see if he's spoken to him," Greg smiled at his friend. "Considering you were keen to knock his head off a few days ago, you're taking a lot of interest in his whereabouts now."

"No, I'm not, I just wanted to check that he was alright, that all. He is a member of our staff and more to the point, he passed out while at work," James retaliated.

"If you say so," Greg teased as he picked up the phone and dialled home.


Mark had just started to drain the spaghetti when the phone rang.  Cursing quietly to himself he put the colander onto the draining board and reached for the phone on the wall.

"Yep, hello." He felt his stomach give a lurch as he listened to the voice on the other end of the line.

Swallowing quickly he replied: "No, I've not heard from him." His eyes inexplicitly drawn to the door leading into the garage. "I'm sure he's OK, if he wanted anything he'd have called me. Look, I've got to go, the spaghetti's boiling over, I'll speak to you later."

He quickly put the phone down as if it had burnt him. Biting his bottom lip, he pulled a stool out and sat down. How the hell had he let himself be talked into this, was he really helping Jay or actually doing more harm than good, Jay still looked so ill. Surely, he wasn't really thinking about sleeping rough, not with the frost that had been forecast for tonight. The smell of the bolognaise sauce brought his thoughts back to the present and he got up and turned the cooker off.  Maybe he'd be able to talk him out of it over dinner.

Entering the garage he walked over to the arm chair and gently shook Jay's shoulder.

"Jay…Jay, wake up"

Jay opened his eyes and stared for a few moments, eyes unfocused at Mark. He then seemed to wake up properly and struggled to sit up, his hand rubbing the back of his neck.

"Sorry, must have fallen asleep. What time is it?"

"Nearly eight, do you want to eat before or after you clean up?"

"I'll clean up first if you don't mind, I'm sure I'll feel a bit better after a shower"

Walking out of the garage Mark indicated the door leading to the hallway.

"Sure, it's upstairs, first door on the left. Help yourself to anything you need. Do you want to borrow some clothes? I can wash yours if you like."

"No, it's OK, I've got everything here," he said, indicating the bag in his hand. "I'll take them to the Laundrette tomorrow." Jay hesitated: "Look, Mark, I really do appreciate you doing this for me. I really didn't have anyone else to ask for help." He gave a brief awkward smile, quickly turned and walked upstairs.

Turning around Mark busied himself laying the table and finishing the preparation for dinner, he had a horrible feeling that this was going to get a lot worse before it got any better, and now he had nearly as many problems as Jay.


Mark stood at the bedroom window. He had pulled the curtain partly back and was looking out at the moonlit street below. The frost twinkled like glitter in the moon light, making everything look clean, white and statue like. He let out a deep sigh, Jay was out there somewhere. What sort of friend was he? He shouldn't have agreed not to tell Greg, the sense of guilt now playing on his mind.

"Mark?" Greg voiced sounded sleepy.

"I'm here…I thought I heard something outside"

"Come back to bed, you won't get up in the morning. That assignment's not worrying you is it?"

"A little bit," Mark lied.

 Climbing back into back, he cuddled up to Greg.

"You'll be fine, stop worrying about it and get some sleep," Greg kissed his forehead and settled back down to sleep.

Ten minutes later he lent over and switched the bedside light on.

"OK, out with it, what's worrying you?" Although Greg didn't sound annoyed, his voice had a certain clarity to it.

"I've already told you, the assignment." Mark's voice didn't hold much conviction.

Greg looked straight into his eyes, and Mark knew the game was up.

"Let's try that again shall we, and this time I want the truth."


The sound of persistent ringing eventually registered in James mind.  Reaching out with his hand, he fumbled around until he located the telephone on the stand by the bed and lifted the receiver to his ear.


He listened in silence for a few minutes and then swore out loud.

"Give me half an hour and I'll come over to your place, we can then look for him together. You sure he doesn't know where Jay is?"

"OK, I'll see you shortly."

James put the receiver back on the cradle. That man was going to be the death of him, why the hell did he have to be so pig headed? Everyone needed a bit of help occasionally. And just why was Jay having such an effect on him? James kept recalling their first meeting over and over again in his mind. Greg was right: very few people did stand up to him – maybe that was why he found Jay so fascinating?


Mark jumped as the paddle landed again on his bare backside, his pleas were landing on deaf ears. Greg was out to make a point: his displeasure was evident with each stroke of the paddle.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, PLEASE," he begged, the tears were now starting to flow. His legs scissored of their own accord, fingers digging into Greg's ankles. He knew better than to reach back, paddles could hurt your fingers just as much as your backside.

"How could you treat a friend like that? I am so disappointed in you." Greg's voice sounded cold to his ears and this led to his tears flowing even faster. Word failed him now, he could only moan and sob. The paddle covered every inch of his behind and the tops of his thighs, until eventually Greg stopped.

Pulling Mark to his feet, Greg marched him across the room and pushed him into the corner.

"I suggest you take a long, hard, think about your actions today, because believe me, I don't ever want a repeat of them. Is that clear?"

Mark gave a slight nod and answered with a teary sob, "Yes."

Turning around, Greg left the room and closed the door behind him. Mark started to cry even louder, disappointed not only in his own behaviour, but also in the fact that Greg was so angry that he had left him alone.


The headlights of the Mercedes swept up the drive, highlighting the startling white brushes and making them twinkle as if they contained fairy lights. Pulling up next to Greg's car, he opened the door and got out. God it was cold, whatever was the little fool thinking of sleeping rough in weather like this. He knew for a fact that Greg would have offered Jay a bed if he'd needed it, and it was now obvious that he'd been with Mark when they'd rang earlier.

The front door opened as he walked up to the house, Greg's imposing features highlighted in the doorway.

"Mark thinks he may be sleeping in one of the shop doorways, somewhere by the club. He'd arranged to meet him in the morning with his bags, which they planned to leave in the locker at work."

Greg stepped back, allowing James to enter. Walking into the living room his eyes were drawn to the figure sat huddled in the corner of the sofa. It was obvious that Mark had been crying, his eye's were red and slightly puffy. Occasionally his breathing gave a shudder and he sniffed into the paper tissues he was holding. Yes, it was obvious that Greg had already made his feelings known on his partner's involvement in this.

"You, upstairs and into bed," Greg instructed his partner.

"But I want to come with you, he's my friend." Mark demanded.

The look he received in return could have frozen water.


The tone of Greg's voice hadn't risen, but the meaning behind it spoke volumes. Mark rose from the sofa and quickly walked across the room, his eyes lowered. Greg's didn't speak again, but his eyes followed his partner's progress. He was still very angry and disappointed with how the situation had been handled. Mark knew better
than to go along with such a stupid plan, especially when his friend's safety was involved. Taking a deep breath he turned to James.

"Come on then, we'll take your car. I swear to God I'm going to strangle the little sod with my bare hands if I find him."

"Not if I get to him first, you won't," James replied.

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