What exactly is a scallywag.

What exactly is a scallywag.
I'll go along with that.

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Something new this way comes.

As anybody who drops in can easily see, it's been a while.  To be frank, I haven't been in the mood for writing much for a good while as the pleasure in doing so went away.  That said, I never stopped thinking about it or even coming up with 'mind snippets' every now and again.  But I hadn't gone as far as to write anything down, even in draft format, nor to do much more than potter about with the not quite finished/finished but not yet published stories that gather dust in my creative folder.

I've still been researching though.  Well, I call it researching, others might call it watching porn.  I honestly think that 'research' is a valid description of my efforts because I was carefully taking note of positions and implements and reactions and if need be, I will swear in court that every word of that is true.  If I'm going to write a credible account that involves M/M sex afterwards, I need to have fairly intimate knowledge of how that happens and what is possible and what isn't.  I may, possibly, not mention that watching porn is bloody good fun.  Oh, come on, we all do it.  Don't roll your eyes at me, yes, we do!  And if we don't watch it, we read it....or what is it you're doing here and on all the other spanky sites you go to?  If all this didn't turn you on, you'd be somewhere else so it's too late to start denying it now.  Whether it's pure discipline, BDSM, life-stylers or players, or any combination thereof, we all like some part of the same thing.  Be it a need to find guidance, or an itch to explore domination from either side of the coin, it's all good.  And fun.  And sometimes things change and we swing more one way than another and then come back again, or stay where we find ourselves.  Or maybe we were halfway there in the first place but didn't give it the recognition it deserved.  And then something nudges us and reminds us that we really ought to revisit that idea, that maybe it has something more to offer us.

So, all that leads me nicely into this.....

I was watching some porn the other day and I happened upon a M/M clip that I found a tremendous turn-on.  Dear God, the instant pornographic scenarios that popped into my head while watching that man take it up the arse would have made a lesser pervert blush.  And although it had never happened with any other scene I'd witnessed, my first thought was along the lines of  'Christ, what I could do to him if I was 20 years younger!'  I later amended it to include '..and if I lived on another continent and er, oh yes, if I were a sex worker and not a porn writer'.  I was so taken by him, that I searched out his other clips and I'm happy to report that I found loads.  And very varied they were too.  It turns out that the majority of his work appears to be in Femdom and it was pure luck that I found him in the M/M section as he does work with men as well.  I've seen him fuck women but I haven't seen him fuck men.  (Update. I did some more research and according to the photos I found, he may do.). He does however get fucked by both.  He does other stuff as well, not all of it floats my boat but none of it is stuff that squicks me out so it doesn't put me off fantasising about him.  Let's be honest though, fantasy aside, it ain't never gonna happen and I'm ok with that, I'm not going to turn into a stalker and follow the poor bugger all over the Net.  I can however, pay homage to him in my own way.  I can write him into a story and do all the things to him there that I know will never get done in real life, not by me, that is.  And I have it already.  I have the beginning, the middle and the end. All it needs is fleshing out and the time for me to sit down and dedicate some time to it.  I don't suppose he will ever see it as I don't think he's into spanking in a big way so unless I go and pop up on his Twitter page and wave at him, this will remain between me and you.  So, stay tuned for something new, coming soon, containing one very sexy man called Lance who will thoroughly deserve all that he gets.  And enjoy it.

P.S.  While we're on the subject of kinks, I wrote a story some time ago for a friend.  He wanted it to be M/F so that is what it is. I liked the story in itself but the gender composition was never what I wanted to write and I can remember even now thinking as I wrote it that I wished I was doing it differently.  Well, I may very well do so, and if I do it will be because I so see this actor playing the main role and he fits in so well with how I really wanted to write the story in the first place.   God, if only I was a porn plot script writer......the fun I could have.

Stay tuned......

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